Defying Gravity: Frenzy

We don’t start with a voiceover!!! Apparently, Donner doesn’t like blood so of course Paula comes in with her camera to show the Doc giving Donner a blood test. He misses Donner’s vein and they blame it on her. Mintz (the doc) told Donner once that he can’t remember the people he’s saved, only the medical cases. Why? Because (in voiceover) lessons are taught by the ones you lose not the ones you save.

We see Zoe of old taking her pills. She stares at one for a long time.

Donner tells the recruits that tragedy happens in space and there’s no one but each other to count on. Of course, one of the doctors helping is pregnant so Zoe can look at her forlornly. Discussion about how Donner hurls at the sight of blood. How can you be an astronaut and not handle blood? Zoe moves so as not to be in Donner’s group. Donner leaves before he can go into the medical area.

Back on board, Donner talks to Mintz. He asks if he’s sick. Apparently his back has been acting up (also known as alcohol withdrawal…) which is causing his hands to shake.

Claire checks on Mintz, who seeems to be running a low grade fever. AJ enters the floor, thanking him for being allowed back. Mike doesn’t seem so thrilled to have him.

Jen approaches Zoe to ask for some help. She cuts the video feed first. Mysterious. Slash she has a rabbit. Sort of. It’s more like a fetus in a petri dish. Jen needs Zoe’s help to “give him birth.” Zoe starts talking to the pregnant doctor as she demonstrates some medicine. More talk about Donner hating blood. Zoe tells Jane she had the abortion and will be home before the cramping starts.

Paula and Wass are together in their rounds. They find a guy high on drugs. Paula wants to do more but sometimes medicine is dull.

Paula is doing her reporting job and Wass interrupts. She tells him off. She’s very religious and Wass teases her. Ted hears and tells him to stop. He has a job for them. Moving crates or something. He wants them to become friends. She isn’t looking when he pushes the next crate and he calls her as it’s about to crush her.

Mintz is looking at his back and flashing back on his war experience. Jen and Zoe do their experiment. Jen intends to nurse the rabbit all the way back to health. The rabbit is the first birth in space. It’s creepy looking! (Zoe says it looks like a floating penis with teeth.) Zoe warns her that it’s against protocol. Alarm sounds. Donner looks ready to faint from all the blood floating. Paula is unconscious and missing her thumb. Mintz is clearly not ready but Claire tells him he’s needed.

Donner is asked to scrub in because he’s not contaminated with blood. Jen isn’t there yet because she has to put away the rabbit. She fainted when she saw her thumb. Jen is told to stay out.

Wass talks to the drug guy. Paula tells him to stop being a poser without a clue. Too many of her friends have OD-ed on drugs back at home.

Wass insists they fix her thumb because she really wants to pilot the Venus lander and can’t do it without her thumb. He is sent away. Donner is having a hard time with the blood which makes me wonder why they let him in of all people. Mintz is having a tough time. Donner suggests opening the wound and finding the wound with his eyes (same advice he gave a doctor years ago in training which worked then).

They worry about whether Paula can last and whether they will exhaust their blood supplies. Mintz starts seeing the girl he couldn’t save just as he’s about to cut open the wound to search through it. He manages to make the incision. He still can’t see anything until Donner spots it. Donner sticks his hand in to point out the cut and asks for help. So far no puke, that’s a good sign. (This whole scene is inter cut with when Mintz saves a patient with his hands earlier and Donner nearly throws up from the blood. In the flashback Claire approaches and says it was amazing and she wants to buy him a drink. He accepts.)

Zoe asks pregnant doctor if she ever wonders what her life would be like if she’d chosen not to have the baby. Zoe starts having cramps and the doctor tells her to take the rest of the shift off. Donner says he’s had enough for one day and leaves to of course follow Zoe to the bus stop. She asks if he’s following her and he asks if she’s avoiding him. She admits it. She says she’d rather not talk about herself. He admits he has a blood thing. Her cramps are getting really bad (even though they shouldn’t have until that night) and she tries to hide it. She faints and he brings her into the hospital. Donner sees blood on his hands and pukes. After making it through the whole night.

Paula reports that there’s no change in the druggies vitals. The druggie flat lines. The pregnant doctor manages to be there too to help. Paula tells the doctor not to give up when the doctor calls it and begins doing CPR.

Jen tells the pregnant doctor what happened and not to tell.The doctor says she’ll do what she can. AJ overhears and says he won’t tell.

They vacuum up Paula’s blood. Wass is looking for her thumb. Nadia asks why, he doesn’t even like Paula. He says it doesn’t matter, she wouldn’t give up on him. (She can apparently regrow it in a month.) Just before they start the grow process, Wass brings in her thumb. She could be good in a week if she’s lucky, she might still be good by Venus.

The discussion turns to what is wrong with Mintz because Paula almost died. Jen says she once found him having a war flashback. Ted is angry at her for keeping this a secret. He says she has to tell him everything that might affect their trip. She says she understands and then goes to feed the rabbit. Zoe tells her its hair could clog the filter but Jen assures her it won’t.

Back on earth AJ tells Donner that Zoe is okay. Apparently he was traumatized by killing a pig he’d gotten to know.

Claire and Mintz are talking. Mintz says he’ll forget about the person he saved soon. Mintz explains that he saw so many more people than most. He doesn’t remember anyone but the school girl caught in a building from a strike he called in. He had thought there was gunfire in the schoolhouse only to discover that it was just a school. Nothing but children. A little girl was reaching for him, calling for help but something exploded before he could help. A beam landed on his back, which is what scarred him. He saw the schoolgirl on the table. This wasn’t a full blown hallucination not anything else.

Wass asks Nadia if she got all the blood. She thinks so. He apologizes for being an idiot. Nadia says she’s always wondered why he’s on the crew but then every once in a while he finds a thumb.

Zoe’s in the hospital bed. Eve tells her she had an emergency hysterectomy. She had an ovarian cyst that wasn’t detected and burst. That’s what they’re saying so that she won’t be out of the program. Well, lucky her. Eve says she should have come to her and she would have been able to do something. Well how could Zoe know.

Voice over: we never remember the ones we save or fail. It’s about taking responsibility. Learning from sacrifice.

Wass and Paula share a hug over the dead druggie. Paula is being treated and Wass sits at her side. Zoe cries while looking at a picture of the doctor and her kid. Donner sits at Zoe’s bedside.

(This is a little too preachy in the end. Can’t we just take away the lesson by watching what happens?)

I’ve heard that this show will not be fully aired but will instead conclude online. What do you think? Is the show worth keeping on air?


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