Starmaker 3

The girls are all shocked and upset by who went home and who got to stay. They think that mediocrity is being rewarded. Monet is upset that no one congratulated by her for winning.

Everyone goes up to the roof and they toast Larissa. Monet starts crying. Apparently her parents have come to visit. She’s never been away from home for a week so seeing this is a big deal. She tells them that no one thinks she deserved to win. Her parents reassure her. While agree that she’s not the best singer, I think she was the best performer. (Someone should explain the distinction to the contestants because I don’t think they understand it.)

The boys are up this week and must pick between Kevin Rudolph, JONAS Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Fall Out Boy, One Republic, and Jesse McCartney. Unlike the girls, the guys are pretty nice and let everyone pick what they think would sound best for each person rather than fight like the girls did. It’s nice but also semi-stupid. One guy doesn’t fight for a song he thinks he’d be great at because someone else would be great at it too. Instead he takes a song he’s never heard of. (This whole process is silly because they make not all the songs good options and then someone will ultimately get stuck with it even if it isn’t what they would choose.)

Laurieann makes them sing while looking in the mirror to develop a stage presence and pay attention to what they do while they sing. Haha Laurieann calling people pumpkin and muffin. I will never get over it. Maybe So You Think You Can Dance has made her nicer. She tells one guy he’s not the best singer (which pisses him off because she’s a choreographer) but that it doesn’t matter. Omotayo is again amazing and so much farther ahead than everyone else. Agreed, he’s pretty great. Of course everyone takes this personally and disagrees. They think she’s getting caught up with herself. (One guy says don’t tell me I’m a bad singer because you don’t know what I’ve been through. Which is funny because his past is totally irrelevant to his singing and while she may be the choreographer she clearly knows music. Dancers know music too.)

Performance time. This week’s guest judge is Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls.

Up first is David singing the JONAS Brothers’s “Burnin’ Up.” He was dubbed the one to beat last time. I don’t remember that but he’s much better than in practice. There are a couple troublesome moments but otherwise…The thing is, it’s not that hard a song because the JONAS Brothers aren’t all that talented. Rodney says his voice is dope and needs to get his swag right. Tamara says to let go of the mike. Laurieann said awesome. Nicole feels like he owned it. I think the girls in the audience all think he’s so cute.

Omotayo is singing into the mirror. It’s his time up. He’s singing “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder and it is the perfect song for his voice. The judges are dancing with the music from the start. Rodney says even Stevie Wonder would be proud. Tamara says amazing and nailed it. Laurieann tells him he killed it. Nicole says “don’t you wish your boyfriend was hot like Omotayo.” Did she really pull that out? I wish one of the other judges did but not her…

Jordan is up now. (The one who is angry at Laurieann.) He was told last week to strengthen his vocals. Singing Kevin Rudolph’s “Let It Rock.” Ha I love that one of the lines is “and the truth is hard to swallow,” so appropriate. I think he does a pretty good job but when the song hits its high point he doesn’t match the energy. Back stage they say he didn’t start strong. Rodney says he didn’t let it rock. He was a little awkward. Tamara says great energy (maybe it doesn’t translate through on tv) but he’s not diamond yet. Laurieann says he rose to the occasion but time to come back and hit it even harder. Nicole thinks he rocked it out.He says he forgives Laurieann, like she needs his forgiveness.

Zach’s turn, previously in the bottom two. He’s doing One Republic’s “Stop and Stare.” His critique was to stop singing from his throat. And he’s MUCH better. He actually pulls the mike off the stand and moves around which no one else has really done. The crowd seems to be enjoying. Backstage they think he was lost. Rodney says it’s a great song that he didn’t deliver the way he likes. Lackluster. Tamara tells him it’s not a game and he didn’t improve much. Laurieann and Tamara exchange words and she encourages him. Nicole says she thought it was lovely. (Do the guest judges ever say anything not nice?)

Jesse McCartney’s “Leaving” is sung by Christopher. it’s funny because with him singing it it doesn’t sound anything like a Jesse McCartney song but he does a good job. It becomes more of a hip hop style sounding song. There one trouble spot in particular. Rodney says he started shakey and then opened up. Do that more! Tamara agrees. Laurieann says it makes her happy to see someone’s dream manifesting. Nicole loves his swagger and thinks he did his thing.

Last comes Todd singing “I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy. This is another song that I don’t think shows off vocal talent att all. But he’s got a lot of energy and the judges are smiling. Rodney says he killed it. His performance shot up and he looks like he wants to win. Tamara says great stage presence and the full package. Laurieann says great job there’s nothing else to add. Nicole says he’s going to have groupies.

Zach’s upset because he thinks he’ll be in the bottom two again. Yeah, probably.

Judgment time. Jordan, Zach, and Todd are asked to step forward. Everyone else is put through to the next round. So Todd is obviously the winner this week. He owned the stage, Rodney declares. Now for the elimination. One of them is not ready to be a star. Who is out? Zach is not ready to be a star. They need to see some improvement from Jordan.


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  1. sarah Says:

    I was bummed to see Zach go! If you haven’t heard his original stuff…look up Zach Berkman on myspace and he has his songs up there-they are really good if you are into that coffeehouse, indie stuff…LOL-and to relate everything back to Make It Or Break It-it was his song that was playing at the end of episode 9…I did some searching and found him and I really like the rest of his stuff…he would have won this if they didn’t have to cover crap songs. Let me know what you think if you check it out!

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