Gossip Girl: This Season

Ha, clearly not all of them know how to pose for a shot like this...so awkward looking.

Ha, clearly not all of them know how to pose for a shot like this...so awkward looking.

Where we left off: Georgina as Blair’s roommate. Scott, Dan and Serena’s half-brother has followed Dan to college (and already met Dan). Blaire and Chuck have begun a new relationship. Serena heads off to Europe to find her father. Jenny has won the queen bee spot.

Coming up this season is also guest spots with Hilary Duff, Tyra Banks, Joanna Garcia, and Gina Torres, among others.

Jenny as the new queen bee: the dream would be for there to be a coup against Jenny as queen. Her becoming corrupted by the power is too predictable (and also already done) and things working out just the way she wants them to change would be uninteresting. Though if things seem to be going as planned while there is a secret plot to dethrone her, now that would be excellent.

I imagine Serena will have an upsetting end to her search for her father which will, as always, lead her to do something completely stupid, attention seeking, and self-destructive. Like get involved with a slimy celebrity and flash the cameras perhaps? I’d like to see her be really strong for a change instead of just allowing things to spiral out of control in life and then trying to do damage control (normally with the help of her friends’ scheming). I find that nearly everything she does comes from someone taunting or talking her into taking the ill-advised action and it is rarely her own initiative (except in the hunt for Gossip Girl which ultimately failed).

Rumors of Chuck being gay. Well, not exactly. It’s more of a do something for Blair type deal (or so I’ve read). Thank God because I hate shows where a character suddenly becomes gay for the sake of a new story. But then again there is apparently something more to the story so maybe he will turn gay? I think that would make me very angry at the writers. It would be one thing if it was something they’d always written into the character, even hinted at here or there, but not something that “suddenly happens” just to change things up.

Joanna Garcia playing Nate’s new love interest (finally moving on from Blair and Serena!) though apparently their families are rivals. So Romeo and Juliet style? Though in college, what do your parents really know and follow about your relationships unless you live at home.

Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks both play characters in the movie business. Tyra in particular working with Serena. I kind of am over the whole Serena’s so popular all over the world thing and most of the time it seems she is too, so it would be weird for her to then go into the movie industry.

Rufus and Lily apparently have a really important episode coming up. A wedding? Will Bart Bass show up and stop the wedding? Because I’m still a firm believer that he is not dead (no body, no murder scene) and will show up at a particularly inconvenient time in order to ruin things for everyone. Particularly Lily since we saw how manipulative he could be towards her.

Gina Torres is also reportedly playing Vanessa’s mom. All I know about her family from the books is that they’re artsy types who seem oblivious to their children. (But then, Vanessa is bald in the books and not here so who knows what else is different…)

Oh, and after everything, apparently there is a relationship blooming between Dan and Georgina. You know, for the person who is supposed to be the smartest on the show, Dan sure is an idiot. He gets mad at Serena for getting in trouble when usually it isn’t even her fault. He gets himself in equal or greater trouble most of the time (hello sleeping with a teacher). And now, after knowing how manipulative and cruel Georgina can be (even with her supposed transformation) he’s going to get involved?! But, I’m totally not surprised.Sadly Georgina isn’t going to be a regular as Michelle Trachtenberg has her own show beginning. (Maybe it will be bomb and we will get her back but you can certainly expect her to leave with a BANG!)

Then there’s Dan giving Blair fashion advice. Dude, girls in college wear headbands. If you can pull it off (as Blair most certainly can) there’s no reason not to.

I will say that I’m loving the WTF (Watch This Fall) advertisements. Really clever. CW is really trying to push with their newest ads in an attempt to gain viewership. (Essentially naked shots for Beautiful Life for example. )

What would you like to see this season?


One Response to “Gossip Girl: This Season”

  1. sarah Says:

    Discovering your site was a godsend to pass time at work! Gossip girl is the only show that will be able to fill my MIOBI void(loved your cross references as well) until January.

    Georgina and Blair is by far the most exciting thing that is going to start off the season…I would like to see them in a real size (10×10 or so) dorm room number one…but I heard she is only contracted for 4 episodes, HOWEVER-I am sure her new show is going to tank, the previews look stupid and there are too many nurse shows now and this one will get lost in the shuffle….

    ANYWAY…I have heard the Dan and Georgina rumor as well, but is he going to double dip with Hilary Duff? I heard she’s not coming till episode 5 or so…but yes, Dan is an idiot for dipping his pen in this ink…I am still unsure about Hilary Duff…I’d like to see Serena get some MAJOR jealously over this and do something whacked out, like in the examples listed above…

    I love Joane Garcia from Reba and eventhou Privileged sucked, she was still good-I think her and Nate will be good together, but you know their families will do something to rip them apart with blackmail and what not…who knows with this show anything can happen.

    If they make Chuck gay, I will never watch again…that would be the worst idea ever-I think that is stemming from real life rumors thou lol. I would like to see him and Blair blow thru a ton of cash and just be idiots so we can make fun of them in every recap you do…

    Rufus and Lily and the lovechild…who wouldn’t want to see MAJOR fireworks there-I love your idea of Chucks dad not being dead…I want to see that!

    Serena…I want to see her at Brown(which I think she will be there for not even a semester if she goes at all) acting like the shit, and getting pissed no one gives a shit about her. I’d like to see some good old fashioned sorority hazing for her too(ok, so I want to relive my college days…).

    If you haven’t seen it… gossipgirlinsider.com

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