America’s Best Dance Crew 3

This week is the Bollywood challenge. (I just want to point out that this newest Bollywood craziness is largely thanks to So You Think You Can Dance, which added it as a dance style in season 4 with a great routine.) Each crew is given a classic Bollywood style that they have to fuse with their own style. A professional Bollywood dance troupe is brought in to teach them.

The first safe crew is Massive Monkeys. Their style in Bhangra. The group is surprised to find it harder than expected. I’m going to venture to say this is the best routine of the season so far. JC says he loved their numerous change of formations and working the floor. They have some “dope” partner work. Shane says that was the confidence he expects and it’s one of their best performances. Lil Mama appreciates the energetic pace and strength. Awesome and enjoyable.

(Apparently we get a preview of the newest Bring It On movie. Quite frankly I’m shocked that they made any after the horrible second one, but it is what it is…)

Next result, done between We Are Heroes and Vogue Evolution. One is safe and one is at risk. The crew definitely back is…Vogue Evolution. Last week some serious drama went down for Vogue Evolutions. Laomi walked out of final rehearsal. Their style is Rhajastani which involves dancing with scarves. Apparently she has fits all the time and they don’t know what to. But she’s here now so they obviously dealt with it. I don’t know, I enjoy this group for their energy but I don’t think their routines are as challenging as others. Lil Mama says they’re performance was good but not great. She also says Laomi’s behavior is unacceptable. JC agrees it was ok and they performed professionally despite issues. Shane says great intro and that at the end of the day it only matters what they do onstage.

Afroborhike vs Beat Ya Feet Kings vs Rhythm City. The team that is safe is…Rhythm City! And, the other guaranteed crew is…Afroborhike! So Beat Ya Feet Kingz will be competing against We Are Heroes for the final spot.

Rhythm City‘s style is baranatiem (or something like that), which has the deer and the lotus (the funny hand positions) as the main style. They’re doing the predictible song Jai Ho. I would add this performance as one of the best so far as well. Definitely top two of the night so far. They really incorporated the style. Shane says “ya’ll are bad! you’re killing it!” They did great tricks and acrobatics. Lil Mama says it was the best mix of style and challenge. Phenomenal. JC says it was a good performance and the choreography was in your face. A lot of stuntwork and paid homage to the culture. Great job. (He always sounds like he’s hesitant to give good critique. I don’t know what’s up with that.)

(Time for the Bring It On Preview. Get excited. I’ll totally, shamefully see it…)

Afroborhike gets the style Khatak which is fast footwork with bells. They’re nervous. Pretty good. The stunts seemed slightly slow motion as though they were a struggle but even so. Lil Mama says it was their best performance on the show. True to selves. JC thought it was good. They gotta bring it. He loves their lifts which are artistic and creative. Shane says if he has to bash them in order to get them to dance like they just did, he will. Good job, beautiful.

Time for the faceoff. We Are Heroes are up first with the style Ghidda, which has a lot of clapping. So far they have no idea what to do and one of the girls tore a ligament in her back last week. She does a pretty good job of keeping up but the energy is not there that the other crews had. They use a few different props (including throwing their bras at the judges).

Beat Ya Feet Kingz, second, gets Garba. It’s a lot of formation and level changes. It’s much more pretty and relaxed than their style. Porche, the woman of the group, says she’s doing this for her daughter. They too seemed to be lacking energy, though not as much as the other group.

Now for the judges’ commentary. Lil Mama says We Are Heroes tore it up and rocked. She’s speechless it was good. Shane thinks Beat Ya Feet needs to take what they’re doing to the next level. They need fuel without anger. He has to critique them honestly. JC says We Are Heroes incorporated the task and loved that they got sexy (for the first time) and tough. (Lil Mama puts a bra on his shoulder.) To Beat Ya Feet Kingz that he loves how they’re fighting and how they put their hearts on the stage which not everyone does. Both crews are fighting for the people they love.

Which crew will go home? The judges have made their decision. The crew staying for another week is…We Are Heroes. (I wasn’t too invested either way but I think I liked them a little better.)


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