Project Runway and Models of the Runway 2

Perhaps the funniest thing about Project Runway is the way Lifetime promotes the show: “the most talked about and anticipated season ever!” Well yes, it was the most talked about and anticipated, but not because of the season or what was in store, simply because people wondered when and if the season would actually air. As for the season itself, there wasn’t really much info (as far as I had heard) about what to expect so I didn’t anticipate anything particularly exciting. Which is fine, since I’ve always enjoyed.

Having seen the Canadian, Australian, and British versions of the show, i will definitely say I like this one better. For starters, there is no one quite like Tim Gunn. Some of the mentors have felt like poor replicas of him and others are just not particularly invested. And please, replacing Heidi with Kelly Osbourne, for example? REALLY? She’s certainly never fit into the fashion forward mentality, but I guess she’s considered a fashion icon in England?

This week the challenge is a fashionable outfit for a very pregnant (like twins pregnant) Rebecca Romijn. A few of the designers seem to really struggle–there’s one that looks too much like a nightgown, another that looks like a bowling ball bag, a costumey one meant to have pants reminiscent of chicken legs (that’s right, chicken legs)…

In come the models fora fitting and it’s nothing like the contestants are used to: The models have to put on fake bellies which is funny to watch because their bodies and faces don’t match their stomachs (pregnant women tend to gain at least some weight beyond their bellies, like their breasts for example). Is it just me or are the models getting more air time than in previous seasons? Could this be because of the Models of the Runway show coming next?

I’m not sure how it happened (I think I missed a part) but the panel is all female today. Where’s Michael Kors? They’re such a quiet, calm judging group relative to other shows (certainly nothing like Tyra and crew on Top Model).

Here’s a question, with the Models of the Runway show, does that mean that every episode will use the models? In previous seasons, they are sometimes replaced with teens, or “regular women,” or men, etc. The models are nervous because the show has reformatted a little to always allow for model switches instead of in previous seasons where model changes only happened if the winning designer from the past week decided to switch.It also means the models and designers have to get along better.

The models are competing for $25,000 in addition to the photo spread.

(Sidenote: of all things I hate to hear a contestant say on reality tv the worst is “I really don’t want to go home.” Really? I thought you wanted to lose this competition!” Also, I think that’s usually a foreshadowing for the person leaving…)

Most of the models workout while a couple watch, tan, and drink. Some of the girls are frustrated by Ari who is always leaving to go on castings and stuff. (I like her. She’s the redhead.) A few of the models are foreign and Matar, the Israeli, is one of my favorites too. Favorites being relative to the fact that I can recognize like three of them…

We watch the model selection (which is no longer part of Project Runway itself–it was traditionally the first part of the episode). My issue with this second show is that we don’t really get to know the models all that well and nothing happens. But I’m not sure there’s a way to fix it either as there really just isn’t much going on here.


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