Ace of Cakes: Squig

Charm City Cakes is hired to create a Squig for game day. What is a squig? A little thing from the game Warhammer, which you pull out of your pocket and creates a baby monster which you hit on the hate to make angry because as it gets angry it grows. Once it’s big enough it eats you. But it doesn’t swallow you, instead you grab it by the tonsils and steer it into battle. Yeah.

They also get an email from a boy who says he loves the show and what’s “exotic” is he’s only ten years old. It gets put up on the wall.

Mary is excited about their new phone system, which has caller id and allows you to choose where to direct your calls. So of course Duff prank calls her to ask for an erotic cake.

They also have to make a six layered white cake with white decoration and detail. While this seems easy it is difficult because any slightly off detail will be obvious. For this reason the cake is decorated, undone, and begun again. The cake will be used to project videos onto it for the Contemporary Museum’s 20th Anniversary.

Jeff has to make a red Pinto car. It’s not a glamorous car or anything. It’s not concerned with efficiency or speed, etc. It was just to fit in with the aesthetic of the time. This car is for a 50th birthday.

They’re concerned with the construction since the squig’s body must be supported in the air but so far so good. Most of it will be cake. It’s skin is flesh colored which makes it particularly gross. One of them says she thinks it will come to life and take over the bakery. Jeff says it’s gross enough that it might give him nightmares. They name their squig sweetcheeks. Possibly to make it less creepy. The final details include guts, blood, and snot.

They consider the squig cake the best thing they’ve ever done. It’s pretty ridiculous.

People are stoked about the cake and they animate Duff into the game so he can be a character that defeats a squig.


6 Responses to “Ace of Cakes: Squig”

  1. Malaika Says:

    that image when i turned to your blog just gave me the biggest semi-heart attack of my life. jesus he’s scary looking!

  2. Brae Says:

    I am happy I found your website on msn. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my friend were just preparing to do some research about this. I am happy to see such good information being shared freely out there.
    Best Regards,
    Abraham from Greensboro city

  3. karlee Says:

    Thanks for this astounding article! I will definitely have to tell my friends about it!


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