Ace of Cakes: Pandamonium

Charm City Cakes is hired to make a cake for the opening of the movie Kung Fu Panda. (I never saw the movie and don’t know if it’s good.)

Mary is frustrated because she keeps getting hung up on.

The Panda team is Jeff, Duff, Sophia, Eleyna, and Katie. The cake will be all the characters doing kung fu poses on top of mountains with two dragons flanking it. It will be done part in the bakery and part in LA. The edible part will mostly be assembled on location. Duff’s mom visits and makes rocks for the show.

A deep dish pizza with a crab holding two football helmets will be made for an engaged couple. This leads to making fun of France naturally. Chicago pizza is upside down (cheese on bottom, sauce on top).

While making the figurines the must be careful otherwise it may crack or explode while in the oven. They make small holes to help prevent this problem. Luckily they come out fine and can move on to the painting. Jeff is sore and bored of the fondant making. And then it turns out the luggage is complicated. Everyone is stressed. But it gets to LA just fine and they have two days to get everything together. (In order to transport the dragons they have to cut off the heads and reattach them later.)

Duff takes some time to talk and work with some chefs at a culinary school. He puts them to work on the cake a bit. They cover the cracks in the mountain with flocking (crushed up icing they use to look like moss). They add some bridges and have to make sure there’s enough fondant to cover the mountain, which is made bigger than expected (it’s the only edible part of the cake). He adds smoke to the cake to add atmosphere.

Jeff challenges Duff to chop cake with his arm (“ARE YOU ASKING ME TO A CHALLENGE!” …”yes.” He gets almost all the way through but misses the last layer.

Jeff and Duff deliver the cake.  They then attach the heads and add the smoke, etc.

The crew gets to walk the red carpet and Duff gets to fight the fake panda. The kids love the cake and they get thanks from Dreamworks.


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