Ruby and the Rockits: Hot Spanish Teacher

David doesn’t understand parent teacher conferences. Why don’t they come to his work if they want to talk to him? Why don’t public schools have VIP lounges? He’s about to meet Ruby’s favorite teacher and she wants him on his best behavior. He’s making no promises. Until the teacher walks in and she’s hot (I know, the title was really subtle and you couldn’t figure that out yourself).

Ben welcomes people to the house to give a tour (Rockit fans) and get paid. Jordan agrees not to tell if he gets half the money.

Ruby is an exceptional student in spanish class. She’s a dork who says her teacher’s passion excites her in class. David tries to hit on the teacher who doesn’t know what band he’s from.

When the parents return they wonder why there are teacups (with lipstick) in the sink. Jordan covers by saying Ben wore the lipstick. In walks Ruby and David. David reveals that the spanish teacher, Ms. Vasquez, agreed to date him. (Jordan’s jealous. Ruby tells him she’s off limit. If he dumps her she’ll have to wonder if the teacher she loves hates her.

Ben searches in the garbage for things to give out on tours. Patrick asks if anyone else is missing their belts. Jordan tells him only nerds wear belts but cool straps aka suspenders are in.

Ruby feels bad about getting her dad to cancel his date wants to make it up to him. But it turns out he did go on the date. They talk and David finds out that Ms. Vasquez didn’t follow the Rockits (her sister did and would be so jealous right now).

On their date, Ruby lures her dad away and then warns her teacher about her dad. Ruby apologizes the next day., it was inappropriate to come on the date. Ms. Vasquez says she broke up with him, so as not to make Ruby uncomfortable, by saying they’re too different.

When Ruby goes to her dad after school he comes clean about the date and says he’s never had any woman reject him before. He feels like the luckiest man alive, he’s in love! (Just because she rejected him?) He writes Ms. Vasquez a poem. Ruby says this is crazy. He hasn’t listened to his messages (the kid who does that is out sick). He seems to know things about her. Ruby finds David’s phone and plays her teacher’s message.

Ruby talks to Patrick and Audra about the situation. Audra says he’s not really in love. Ruby tells them what he did and they’re not pleased. “You sabotaged their date!” They tell her what she did was wrong.

Ruby finds her dad asking if his chocolate cake loves him. He’s sitting on the floor in a depression. He knows what Ruby did and he tells her it’s ok, he doesn’t deserve love…She tells him if he wants a real relationship it will happen. He says no, it hurts to much. Ruby said that’s not a reason to give up (if you have a hangover you cure it by going out and getting drunk again!).

Ruby is giving a presentation in Spanish class when her dad comes in playing guitar. “Why isn’t this working?” he wonders.

Patrick and Audra have snuck away for a lunchtime bedroom break. Ben and Jordan are caught giving a tour of the house and their parents sit them down to yell at them.


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