House of Jazmin

Following in the vein of the many fashion shows in TV (Project Runway, The Fashion Show, Make Me A Supermodel, America’s Next Top Model, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, etc), MTV has begun the show House of Jazmin which follows 20 year old aspiring designer Jazmin as she works to build her line with the help of her friends, photographer brother Joey, and mother (micro-manager and worrier extraordinaire).

I can’t help but wonder if her friends always gave her that much help before she was on MTV. If yes then she has the best friends ever. If no, well, I can’t say I blame them. Think she pays them?

It would have been nice to see this show start a little bit earlier in her career, as by the end of the first episode she has already gotten into Fashion Week so it isn’t really much of a journey. But as they prepare for the show, things seem to be chaotic–no prepared look book, no idea of the intended price ranges, choosing models without having them try on any of the clothes, etc.

So far the show isn’t all that dynamic (Jazmin is kind of whiny and dull) but it’s always interesting to see the full fashion industry in process. Not sure what I think of her designers as of yet but I’m excited to see Fashion Week.


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