Hell’s Kitchen 7

There is talk of getting rid of Robert (for a more cohesive team) who is still in the hospital.

Challenge team. Ramsay is standing in front of a huge covered, tublike thing. He thinks they need to be more creative. The cover is revealed, it’s a craps table. They must roll a die and whatever letters they get they must choose an ingredient with that letter.

Women get R (rabbit), H (harricovert), P (potatoes), G (garlic), and H (hamhock). Well set dish from the start. Men get H (hadock), F (figs thanks to Dave’s difficulty thinking), A (angel hair pasta), A (apples), and T (tomatoes).

They have 30 minutes to make their dishes and the women seem to quickly split the work and get ready. Meanwhile the guys can’t seem to figure out what dish to make. Suzanne steps in everyone’s way as they cook, trying to do better. Kevin puts the figs in the sauce and they’re shocked to see it tastes good. Tennille suggests putting sugar in Ariel’s garlic puree but she ignores the suggestion.

Van thinks the girl’s dish is beautiful looking and Ramsay says the puree was very strong but the leg was well cooked. The men’s fish is delicious. Both are delicious and the men win the challenge. Andy says their the McGuyver of cooking. As a reward the men head to Vegas. As a punishment the women must bring in the deliveries.

Tennille pulls out a box of lemons and it splits at the bottom and spills all over the floor as them men walk buy in their suits. Being a genius, Van hangs his entire body out the window of their limo as they drive. There’s a huge sign welcoming the men to Vegas where they get a VIP suite among other things.

The women are having a tough time with the punishment and all go to bed as soon as they finish. At 1:15 am a delivery truck shows up. Tennille is cranky.

Time for prep in the morning and the women are sore and tired. The men arrived wearing their sunglasses indoors. Robert is still not back but the men don’t seem to care. In the women’s kitchen Suzanne is getting on everyone’s nerves. The men are bonded and feeling good. They think that without Robert they’ve been doing better (I haven’t seen that proof anywhere but ok). And then in walks Robert, an hour before dinner service. The men are pissed. Apparently Robert’s heart is too small for his body. The men are cold to Robert and he feels it.

Ramsay calls them together. Tonight for the first time ever they are going to have chef’s tables composed of executive chefs from his other restaurants and he warns them not to make him look stupid. The chefs table is right next to the kitchen so they can see what is happening inside.

Dave says they ordered two risottos but they never actually asked for anything. The women don’t go to greet them until Ramsay tells them. The men’s chefs are impressed that Dave is working one armed and say his risotto tastes good. Ariel delivers her meals but doesn’t get great feedback (not enough salt).

The men move quickly on to entrees. Van is confident on his fish station but when they deliver it’s not good because he left the plastic wrap on it. The women move on to entrees as well. They wonder what Suzanne is actually doing. Another blue table has the paper on it from the men’s table. Ramsay calls the men in to yell (well, I’m guessing Van will be on the hot seat tonight). The chef’s tables hear the screaming. The women seem to be moving well until Ramsay sees that the garnish is in a dirty pan and yells at Sabrina.

The men forget about the chef’s table. Apparently they don’t get a menu. Van just tries to recite what he can remember about the station (he even tells them one of the dishes isn’t very good). The chef’s tables have already been served and are enjoying.

The women are dragging on the rest but they seem to pick it up again. Robert is struggling on lamb meanwhile. He finally gets it delivered and the meat isn’t cut well enough. The red team teach their last two tables. Ariel is slightly behind on the pasta and Amanda’s kind of freaking out. (Ramsay still seems to blame Amanda.) Robert still seems to be struggling and then some of the meat is delivered raw. Ramsay decides to have them turn it all off.

Despite the best start yet they lost focus mid-service. The chefs in the red kitchen said they’d be happy to return. The chefs in the blue kitchen said thanks but no thanks. The ladies win service. He calls out Van and Robert. The chef that stood out was Dave who put them in front of the women for appetizers so he gets to pick the nominees.

Robert doesn’t think he should go home. He puts up Andy’s name as someone who’s been consistently bad. Robert and Andy have a screaming match.

Elimination time arrives and Dave nominates Robert for his weak service and health problems. Second is Van based on his performance that night. Ramsay adds Andy to the mix. He tells Van to get back in line. Why should Robert stay? Robert says he’s been consistent until now. Andy says he does everything needed of him and Robert does nothing. Second screaming match. Ramsay decides that it’s Robert’s time to go because despite having more services than anyone he still hasn’t picked it up.

Robert plans to work on his career and health and the experience has really helped him.

Andy says he knows he needs to step it up.


2 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen 7”

  1. Sarah Says:

    LOL-Tuesdays episode with the chefs tables in the kitchen and Robert was a hot mess…

  2. Minda Says:

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