America’s Got Talent Results 4

First off, the EriAm Sisters vs Drew Stevens. America has voted and the first of five acts going into the semi-finals is…Drew Stevens. A little disappointed there. I kind of preferred the girls but what can you do? Just kidding…both of them made it!!! Haha, way to change things up but ouch that was mean.

We’re informed that the contestants have worked hard to get where they are and practice a lot. Well that’s a good sign. It’s cute to watch the contestants cheer each other on backstage and react the acts getting buzzed. Anyone else notice that each episode has “the best talent yet?”

Stepping forward is Pam Martin’s Top Dogs, African High Flyers, and Coney Island Chris. I think of these three I’d pick African High Flyers but honestly I’d pick none. Oh, and sure enough, they are all out. (I wonder why in the last results of quarterfinals show they decided to change the format…)

3 spots left.

Ishaara, Recycled Percussion, and Matt & Anthony are put forward. I’d be shocked if Recycled Percussion doesn’t make it. Only one is going through to the next round. The next act to go home is…Matt & Anthony. No shock there.With two left who will go through? Recycled Percussion.

5 groups left, two spots remaining…

Performance by Reba McKintire. Oh, she’s still around?

The Lollipop Girls Vs. Mia Boostrom vs Eric & Ricky vs Barbara Pedilla. I like all but the Lollipop Girls…First act going home is The Lollipop Girls. Good. Now I think I prefer the singers because while the kids are cute I don’t think their technique is there yet. One of the acts moving on is…Barbara Pedilla. (Sharon says she’s perfect.) Who will the judges choose between Mia and Eric & Ricky. David votes Eric & Ricky. Sharon votes Mia. Piers is the tie-breaker and he chooses Eric & Ricky.

Check out the Top 20 List and watch their quarterfinals performances.


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