10 Things Dance Little Sister

Bianca has eye contact with hottie Bo Brody, captain of the soccer team, for two seconds. Bianca is sure he wouldn’t want take her to the dance so Joe comes up to ask for him. Bianca goes to Kat to ask for something which Kat immediately says no to. (For those who haven’t seen the movie this is where it is revealed that Bianca cannot date until Kat does.) Bianca has been crushing on him for a week and they could be soul mates. Bianca is desperate so she goes to Patrick and asks him to take her. He says sure because he’d like to see her in a dress. Kat asks what makes him think she’d want to go and warns Bianca to sleep with one eye open.

Apparently Bo pretended he was too shy to ask Bianca out because chicks dig it. He’s the David Beckham of the school he was nothing to be shy about. Cameron then overhears Bo booking a room for Saturday night. Cameron then tries to talk Bianca out of it. Bianca confides that this will be her first date ever. he says it should be special with someone who cares about him. He suggests she cancel and go with him. She suggests he go with Benji.

Bianca’s dad examines Bianca’s dress. He rejects it because it’s 3 inches above the knee. Kat intends to wear pants and a tee and Bianca says she can’t. She gets a text from him saying cu@7 and smiles. Bianca helps Kat into a dress and jewelry and make up. Kat’s nervous (her dress looks like it’s going to fall off) and she is about to go but Bianca says she has to wait for her descent. Like that movie She’s All That (which is only a funny reference because it was the other movie really popular when 10 Things was in theaters). Kat makes her descent but her dad is showing Patrick birth pictures. She finally gets Patrick away.

Bianca is still prepping, twirling in front of the mirror and stuffing her dress and dancing with a mannequin. And unstuffing her dress. And finally she calls Cameron because she’s been stood up. Cameron comes and convinces her to go to the dance (he’s the conductor of the hot tamale train).

Kat and Patrick stand on the side watching and mocking. On comes a slow song. Patrick asks her to dance and she says no way. He assumes she can’t dance and when she disagrees he tells her to prove. Kat realizes she should let him lead.

Anyone Else Think Her Dress Is About To Fall Off?

Anyone Else Think Her Dress Is About To Fall Off?

Cameron and Bianca walk in but before they can dance she’s pulled away by a friend. (Bianca still thinks Cameron is gay fyi).

Cameron tries to show off his moves and he looks so awkward it’s just sad.

Haha Kat and Patrick play “what are they saying?” Kat thanks him for rescuing her mom’s records. Patrick adjusts her hair. He suggests they get out the dance. He does say she looks really good in a dress. She puts on some eyeliner which Bianca gave her “in case Patrick can get through her defenses.”

Another slow song comes on and Bianca and Cameron dance. She discovers that he’s tall. She thanks him for saving his night. This would be perfect minus she thinks he’s gay. Up comes Bo who apologizes and says he has some excuse for what happened. Bo says he couldn’t find his phone and the air was let out of his tires. But then the guy’s phone rings and it turns out it’s in Cameron’s jacket. He explains he did it because Bo’s untrustworthy. She’s so angry at him she goes with Bo.

Some guy is shocked to find Patrick at the school dance. The guy is smoking and in walks someone to bust him (and assumes Patrick is smoking too). Kat looks for Patrick and can’t find him. She sits at a table alone for while (sad) and then leaves.

Bianca sits with Bo outside and he asks where she wants to go and she says just drive. He suggests the hotel room and she says to take her home.

Kat lies in bed clearly upset and in walks Bianca to tell her about her bad first date. Kat doesn’t want to talk about it. Or talk at all. They cuddle together in cute sister fashion and talk about how there are more ways to be screwed by a guy than getting pregnant.

[Sidenote: One thing I realize, the entire explanation for Kat’s personality was her bad sex experience with Joey, which didn’t happen in the show. So now she’s just a hostile person?]

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2 Responses to “10 Things Dance Little Sister”

  1. Malaika Says:

    i know the only thing that’s supposed to be taken from the movie is the concept, but kat being willing to get dolled up just for a fall ball? the kat from the movie would NEVER do that. she only did it cause it was prom and this guy she’d been falling for (and didn’t have a secret crush on, they actually were dating) asked her to go and didn’t make it awkward by saying “i want to see what you look like in a dress.”

    the movie cameron wouldn’t have done something that petty either. in the movie, he walks away when bianca clearly wants someone else, then comes to her rescue legitimately instead of setting himself up to be the hero on purpose.

    the only character who stays the same between the movie and show seems to be the dad (surprise surprise, considering it’s the same actor). clearly his role is the easiest to translate between the two since the only specifics we need are that he’s widowed and obsessed with keeping his daughters from getting pregnant. for those of us who grew up with the movie, it’s annoying how dissimilar the characters are now. or, at least it is for me.

    where was chastity? i know bianca told her off last episode, but that’s no excuse for her not to at least show up to the ball. especially since bianca specifically mentions that joe is taken (i assume still by chastity even after the drama from two episodes before) and would therefore be going with chastity.

    small note, it’s not eyeliner that she brought, it’s lipgloss.

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