The Secret Life: Knocked Up Who’s There?

Talk about an in your face title.

Who Will Ricky Choose?

Who Will Ricky Choose?

Some girl named Heather who isn’t so pretty comes up to Ben to flirt. She says he should date her because Amy will probably end up with Ricky. She can show him a good time but he can only hang out with Amy. She is currently pregnant, btw. (The new pregnant girl or the new Amy.) Apparently this is the thing the school experiences…Alice tells him he can’t be friends with Heather because Amy wouldn’t let. Amy comes up.

Grace wants her and Jack to talk to the abstinence group about their regretful mistake. Jack’s fully functional after his run in with Tom. He tested it. Grace then addresses Ashley to invite her to the group. She then goes to tell Amy.

Ashley is approached by a guy who she isn’t sure of her feelings towards. The gay friend steps in to keep them apart. Ricky says he’d double with Ashley and drive. Guys are intimidated by her. Adrian hears that Ricky wants to go out with her and she gets excited. The boy finally asks Ashley out. (This is the attempt to get to Amy through Ashley–when Adrian says she’s skeptical about this plan he says he knows more about women.) Grace says Amy will hate her more for befriending Ashley. Adrian likes this plan. Grace really wants everyone to come to her abstinence group. Up comes Madison to suggest she partake in some more fun extracurriculars.

Amy finds Lauren to ask about “that pregnant girl Heather.” Lauren points out that Ben is cute and Amy never wants to go out so she needs to start doing something. Amy says Lauren can babysit but not Madison. Who comes up now and wants to make plans with Lauren who says she should come by after Amy leaves.

Amy goes to Ben to suggest going out. She gets a call from her mom. Her mom is on bed rest. George goes over to find out why. To keep the baby from coming out early. George wants to stay home to take care of her but it could be a month. Anne wants a housekeeper. George doesn’t like the plan but Amy does some talking to convince him.

Ashley asks about going out. In comes Griffin to confront her about the boy. Ashley says she likes Adrian. Griffin says no. Not even to go to Grace’s speech.

Amy wants to go out but her dad says no. Her mom must stay home so she does too. Amy says he’s not in charge of her, she has her own baby she should be able to make her own decisions. Clearly she can’t make good decisions. Amy gets a call from Ben and she asks him to pick her up ASAP.

Tom and his girlfriend don’t want to Grace’s speech but his mom says they should. Jack doesn’t want them to come. He refuses to talk then.

Adrian and Ricky says they don’t have to go out but they already told her they would. She wants to have sex first but he’s not so comfortable with doing it before going to church. She talks him into it.

Ashley catches Amy leaving. Lauren arrives and when she finds out her dad doesn’t want Amy to go out she leaves. Amy is mad at Ashley and tells her she has to babysit now. Ben arrives and Ashley says her dad said they can’t go out. Ben says he doesn’t want to get involved. George shows up with a dog and tells Ben to go home.

Anne isn’t happy about the dog. (He thinks the dog can be a nanny. It can dial 911 which is pretty cool.)

On a list of super awkward: Grace is announced as “the one we’ve all known has had sex.” She opens with a poem called “I’m Sorry Jesus.” It’s a rhyming childish thing…It falls flat. Grace gets booed (thanks to Tom) before she even gets started until Ricky comes to her rescue to tell them all to shut up.

Ben is with Heather. How is that a good idea? They’re slightly awkward. Heather says she needs someone to talk to. Unlike Amy, she has no support and she has no money to raise a baby on her own. She’s been kicked out of the house. She needs a friend. Ben tells her all will be well.

Amy mopes. George says he wants to talk to her regardless of what she wants. He’s impressed by her growth over the year (umm she acts like a baby). She’s not old enough to do whatever she wants. He guilts her and says her disrespect makes him respect her less. Ben interrupts to have a minute with Amy. He tells her he went out with Heather as a friend and he realized he wasn’t the friend she needs.

Grace finished up her speech and says she’ll always regretting having sex with. Jack is the only one left and he says she doesn’t really regret it she just wishes she regretted it and therefore she can’t feel better. Even her friends!?!? They make out.

Adrian and Ricky talk post lecture. They’re stunned and Adrian wonders about her sex decisions. She asks if Ricky thinks they might have a real long term future. He doesn’t respond. Ricky reveals that he can’t see himself ever being married and raising a family. Adrian wants to see other people who may potentially be with her forever.

Mark comes by to say he’s sorry they couldn’t go out. He worries that his mom will think he’s gay. Griffin talks to his mom out in the car about how open he is. His dad taught his to box to protect himself from bullies. His parents and family are accepting (his brothers are gay).

Amy talks to Heather about the birthing process. She offers to be there when the baby is born. She wants to know about adoption. Amy offers to help her find a couple.

Ben and George talk. Ben loves how Amy drives him crazy. In walks Amy out walks Ben. Amy thanks her dad for being with her despite everything. Ashley is making out with some guy on the porch.

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