Starmaker 2

They play ominous music and Diddy and posse arrive at the house where the contestants discuss how tough the judges were. (Diddy looks kinda pissed why is that? Ah, because the performances were disappointing last night.) Diddy introduces the crew who are going to help turn them into stars. He says he doesn’t want them to embarrass him.

Song choice can make or break a performance, as American Idol has shown us. Only the women will be performing this week. There are six women with 6 album choices. Options: Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Leona Lewis, Katy Pery, and Jennifer Hudson. Being that there are only as many choices as singers there are problems since not everyone can be happy. Some bullying goes on.

The rearrange the songs to fit their own voices. One girl changes it so drastically it’s unrecognizable. Another one just needs confidence.

Basically this is a mean version of American Idol where everyone loves each other.

Guest judge: Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy.

Monet sings Hot n Cold by Katy Pery and she’s totally stepped it up. Laurieann danced the whole way through. And her eyes are dynamic…The contestants backstage think her voice isn’t there. Well, she chose the right song for herself.

Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” is performed by Angel. Much better than last week (her critique was that she was unemotional) and good song choice.

Marissa is doing Miley Cyrus’s “7 Things I Hate About You.” Rodney says it was all wrong (from song choice to outfit to performance). Trying to hard to “rock out.”

Liz performs Madonna’s “Material Girl” not in her genre, which is country. She comes out HUGE. Reminds me a bit of a Broadway performance but I’m not sure why. (Angel looks PISSED.)

Singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Because Of You” is Melody. The arrangement is unrecognizable until the chorus. Laurieann just looks confused. Marissa is crying backstage but I’m not sure why. The change was risky but the judges seems to like it. (I did not.) Wentz says if she doesn’t get signed to Bad Boy she should call him.

Laurianna sings Leona Lewis’s “Better In Time.” She’s so tiny. She reminds me of Laurie from Popstar (Scene 23 I think they were called). I think she sounds really good but she should have gone a little higher if she could. The judges think she could be better and they’re not sure if she’s an icon.

Time for judging. Only two got negative reviews. Marissa, Laurianna and Monet are called up while they are safe. Monet is dubbed the girl to beat. None of the girls off stage agree. Monet is still in. Sad, two of my favorites are the bottom two. Favorite being relative to my not being much invested in most of them. Marissa is not ready to be a star and is kicked off. Except she was great last week. Sad. Laurianna is warned to step it up.

Backstage Melody says the competition is up in the air.

Still not so impressed, especially with only 6 performers a week.


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