Ace of Cakes: Italian themed

At the March for the Animals. They sit down with the pet communicator. Who says Cotton doesn’t want another dog in the house and doesn’t want his home. Dexter is going crazy and barking because he’s overstimulated.

They have to make a Venetian pizza and a Scilian storm trooper, and a Gondola cake.

The Gondola cake is because the guy who wanted to propose but the guy rowing made the soon to be groom uncomfortable so he proposed after wards.

The Sicilian cake is meant to be a pizza with all these different landmarks popping up, the pizza floating in the water. It’s a surprise for a 30th birthday. While they try to plan the cake they’re interrupted by someone using the fondant flattening machine which has a loud motor. They hate the machine and want to banish it to the basement but it’s more effective that doing it buy hand. They debate which pizza has the best pizza. New York or Chicago? Can’t serve a New Yorker deep dish!

Storm trooper helmet cake which Sophia is asked to make. Ben will help with construction. Sophia knows the most about star wars because she watches it all the time but she can’t retain information. We get some Storm trooper break dancing. They are then informed that the storm trooper cake is meant to be a clone helmet which looks differently. It’s a tough sculpture. A year ago a similar cake to the same client but it melted while it was being delivered. They show Duff chopping the ruined cake in half with a Samurai sword. They should be okay now, they have much more experience. The carving made all the difference.

Duff makes a football helmet meanwhile, which he says is awesome.

The Gondola cake requires the bottom layer to be redone because the first attempt was done without checking directions. The cake makes Erica want to go on vacation. Erica made it more impressive than it was intended to be.

Duff is wearing a shirt that says Brooklyn in hebrew.

The pasta machine has mysteriously disappeared. Whodunnit? Ben says he’s worked up on the inside. Ben goes in search of the pasta machine and finds it hidden in a grill in the basement in a plastic bag. Everyone hates it but it’s used. They intend to buy a new, quieter version. (The pasta machine is oddly located no where near the people who use it.) The new pasta machine has arrived but it is no quieter than the old one. It’s SO annoying and the people refuse to move it, saying it’s not that bad.

It’s Ben’s birthday. Is he excited? He guesses.

The family comes to pick up the pizza cake and they’re happy. The Gondola cake has been finished and is now Erica’s favorite cake she’s ever designed and the couple loves it.


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