Kyle XY Part 3

Finally into season 3 and sadly close to the end of the series.

We get a fighting action sequence–it’s about time!–but the truth is they were battling against people so inferior to them that it wasn’t much of a fight. How great would it be to find there were more of these pod people like Kyle and Jessie so we can get a real hand to hand?

I absolutely LOVE Andy and Josh. They’re the best relationship out there. Well, I guess mostly I don’t like that Kyle and Amanda, though perfect for each other, are kind of personality-less. (And why is it he can tell everyone else his secret but not Amanda who would accept anything with him?) And Declan is way too good for Lori (though I wish he’d actually explained why he broke up with her beyond “I’m Kyle’s secret keeper”). So Andy and Josh are perfect, both with personalities and super cute together.

Then there’s Lori’s new love interest. I don’t want to ruin anything here, so all I have to say is: great job writers. Perhaps one of the best bits of writing they’ve done yet. And everything that I know about him (getting into Season 3 Episode 2) is intriguing to say the least.

I’m bothered by the whole Hilary-Lori friendship. They basically ignore the fact that Hilary iced Lori at school–which is not fighting it’s brutal bullying. And Lori just forgave her. Something like that shouldn’t go unaddressed as it sends the message that it’s not such a big deal to do that to someone.

I like that the show is once again delving into the secrets of Kyle (and Jessie). Quire frankly, Jessie is the far more interesting of the two, with personality quirks, issues, and perhaps a bit of craziness.It’s unfortunate that Kyle is super oblivious to her to the point where he is kind of negligent of her. (Yes, she’s overly obsessed with him and does stupid things, but he had someone to guide him in everything that she didn’t and she’s clearly in need of his help but he never notices.) And what was that comment the psychic made about her? I am so not interested in Kyle and Jessie becoming a super couple or anything like that though. WAAAY too predictable among other things.

So far so good. I can’t wait to see where the final season goes.

(I will make one serious complaint: they make this huge deal about Kyle’s lack of navel and then there’s a scene–I forget which episode–where they definitively show his belly button. Of all details to screw up…

Also a question, why is it that whenever someone pregnant is about to give birth in some unexpected location, they’re always wearing a dress and always lacking underwear when the time comes?)

See the final part.


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  1. Sarah Says:

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