Kyle XY- Final

Well, now I’ve seen it all, at least as far as the show goes. With only ten episodes in season 3, we didn’t get very far, and we of course ended off with a cliff hanger (much like Angel and Dark Angel). What will Kyle do to Cassidy? Was Cassidy lying about his relation to Kyle? Who will Kyle choose?

I personally hate cliff hangers. If a network is going to end a show, end it. Granted, sometimes they hope the show will get picked up again, they didn’t know they would be canceled until after the season had been written, or, if they’re a little lucky, they’ll manage a movie out of it like Serenity and Dead Like Me. Let’s face it though, there’s no plans for either option. (Has ABC Family ever done something like that?)

I’m disappointed with the whole Kyle-Jessie relationship. Again, it’s just so predictable. I’d have preferred Jessie to grow and move on, realizing that having the same birth story doesn’t necessarily mean you’re soul mates. Also, why are they so hyper aware of each other? I would have liked an answer (a scientific one) to that. Because just being born the same way doesn’t explain it. If there were more of them, would they all feel that way?

The Andy-Josh thing was so sad. I almost hoped for a Topanga-Corey resolution (despite how ridiculous that one was).

A lot of the questions we’re left with get answered to some extent or another on the ABC Family website, though I find a good number of the answers unsatisfying. For example, Kyle’s life would find him alone and working for the betterment of humanity. The idea that a hero can’t have someone to share their life with is such an unhappy one and considering how quickly Kyle can solve problems, unnecessary. Superman had Lois Lane. Scott Summers had Jean Grey. And it would be one thing if Kyle were fighting off super villains all his life but ending world hunger doesn’t require secrecy.

There’s also something supremely frustrating about the Kyle-Amanda relationship. If it was Amanda’s music that attracted him, then anyone who could play well would garner the same attention. I hate relationships built on “she’s so pretty” or “wow, she plays music so well.” They’re so superficial and not about the people. Whereas Declan and Lori as well as Andy and Josh, for all their issues, have a solid foundation and personalities that matched up over time.

But while the cliffhanger was frustrating, season3 certainly carried some high impact with it. (Amanda’s kidnapping, Jessie’s revelation, Mark’s secret connections, etc.)


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