Ace of Cakes Yankee Stadium

Charm City Cakes is hired to do the inaugural cake for yankee stadium.

We begin with the pondering emails (people work so fast they don’t think about it. Mary has a “fail folder” and a WTF? stamp).

This week is really hard. a lot of people are leaving, 5 decorators in total, with 18 cakes to make. Duff’s eating cake…

Yankee Stadium cake- One of the cake decorators is obsessed with the Yankees (she bleeds pinstripe blue) and will help though she thinks she’s not getting to go so she’s sad. Jeff and Duff go to scope out the stadium. It’s funny to listen to him point out what things will be recreated in cake form. 

Other cakes include: bass cake with a sparkly purple coloring for a surprise birthday (the first guitar for the cake designer). There’s a Jesus cake, a car, houses, 

They just got a brand new coffee machine so the designers are overdosing on cake. It’s coffee “working.” 5-10 cups a day…

Stadium cakes are very difficult so Jeff gets nothing else to do at that time. He’s done a number of them now so he has a standard system. Duff makes a flag for Boston. (Uh oh, there are Red Sox fans in the bakery too…)

Duff has a guitar that looks like a blue daisy, which he brings in and begins playing. (Because they have so much free time.)

Duff is getting nervous and worries that the cake design quality will suffer. Making the stadium is not so much difficlt as repetitive with a lot to do. 

The guitar is progressing so far. She’s working on getting the color just right. The company, Daisy Rock, sends in a model guitar for them to use to figure out how do it. But when they get it they see the color of the cake isn’t quite right. 

Duff, Jeff, and Mary have to drive down to deliver the cake. They leave early so they can work on it a bit there. 

With the sample she had, she gets more accuracy but then she scratches the cake and makes a pick to cover it up. The family comes to pick it up and they are thrilled with the cake. The birthday girl sees the cake and all she can say is “Shut up!” It was just full of surprises, the family, the cake, the guitar itself. 

At Yankee Stadium they’re exploring. Due to the weather they have to keep the cake indoor. Yogi Berra stopped by to see the cake. He says it’s beautiful. Johnny Damon, current right fielder comes in too. Derek Jeter shows up next. Mary is star struck and got his autograph. The cake gets shown up on the stadium scoreboard. Mary says she can die a happy girl now.


2 Responses to “Ace of Cakes Yankee Stadium”

  1. durandconnie Says:

    What is your new coffee system? It looks great on ‘Duff at Night’. 😀

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