Ace of Cakes Food, Fashion, and Galactic Bounty Hunters

Mary fights to stay at the top of her game. She sits for longer than the average human being and this takes training. 

They’re hired to make Boba Fett’s ship for a groom. As Star Wars fans this is huge. Elayna gets the Star wars cakes which is funny because she doesn’t know that much about it while the people who see it will know and make a big deal if it’s bad or wrong in any way. They go detailed, including storm troopers pushing the frozen Han Solo into the hold with Boba Fett watching. 

Meanwhile they look at other cakes-

The New York City Food and Wine Festival asks them to make a cake for charity, along with other top notch chefs. They suggest he makes his tattoo, which is a whisk. He is apparently hosting “the Sweet Event.” He wants to cake to look awesome and taste good. They use the most popular flavor among the cake designers. He’s aiming for a six foot whisk. He uses his arm as a reference to how it looks. He plans to cover the handle of the whisk with chocolate so he had everyone come and help him

Steps to the Cure is a breast cancer foundation so the designers are given the task of making shoe cakes to auction off. Duff gives no direction because he wants to see what they do. They each do something different. Jeff wants to do something fabulous and fierce. There will be a total of 12 shoes. There’s a bowling show, a disco boot, high heels, sequins that look like Dorothy’s magic shoes, the little old lady who lived in a shoe. Apparently a delivery boy gave Anna, a designer, one shoe from a store so she’s making the mate to it. They are all competing to see whose shoe sells for the most. One of the designers says “I’m not here to make friends so if I have to throw somebody under the bus, I will.” Joke. Each one is unique and pretty amazing looking in their own way. The shoes made like >$8,000 dollars. Duff’s went for the highest. 

Now how to transport the whisk cake? It moves around so Duff uses cards to stick it in place but the cards fall. He makes it in pretty good shape. He has to walk a good amount carrying the 400, no 500, no 700, no 1,000, 1,500 lb cake. Once there he sets out to quickly repair it and put it together. The different appetizers are crazy. As a host, Duff just has to hang out and take pictures. 

The figures for the Star Wars cake are ridiculously good. Jeff delivers it and the groom loves it. He’s floored.


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