Weeds Ducks and Tigers

It amazes me how easily people find buyers for pot. Not because I don’t think there aren’t a lot of people who want, but because it’s not as though you can just out and out ask.

The family (Shane, Silas, Nancy, Esteban) play lawn darts. Nancy have gotten married in a small unexciting service and seem very happy together. In walks some girl who it turns out is his daughter whose name I could not catch or pronounce. Avelita? She’s surprised to discover that her dad is married. Oops. Minor detail that should have been mentioned. She wonders why her room looks like a hospital. Oh, second detail that should have been mentioned.

Celia goes off on a waitress for giving her the wrong type of cheese. She has a meeting with the “You’re Pretty” head who says she’s impressed with Nancy.  Gross moment there, you’re pretty woman is gay it seems.

Nancy finds out that Esteban wants the baby given formula, she’s upset because she’s  breast feeding. He thinks that’s for pheasants. Nancy says it’s better for the baby. His daughter disagrees. Nancy refuses to give up.

Andy is outside Dr. Alanis’s clinic. . The anti-abortion guy stands up close, staring at him. He’s got flowers and a fixed car for Alanis. It certainly looks nicer and you can open the door now. The horn is still the same though.

Doug and Dean plan their revenge. Dean’s made a list titled “Doug and Dean’s List of Ways to get Revenge on that Thieving Whore Celia.” Short and to the point. As is the list itself, since nothing is on it. They’re not very good at strategizing. They can’t be stoned when they go into battle, they need a clear head. Celia is a formidable opponent apparently.

Nancy looks unhappy. She’s visiting at the jail again. (Why does she keep going there?) Somehow he’s managed a cell. She wants him to help her with Pilar. She’s the big league. He says yes, if he gets his case transferred to Mexico. (The tunnel spanned two countries with no one to testify which side he was on when arrested.) He says he can get out easily once there. He “slides under doors in Mexico.” How does she know he won’t come after her? You never really know…

Andy massages Alanis’s feet. she can name all the bones. They make out until someone throws things at her windows. Gail has a thing for her. She has moved a lot because they have been finding out where she lives. He offers her to stay where she is.

Nancy asks the bodyguard to help. He’s unhappy that she’s been visiting Guillermo. She says she’d visit him too.

Celia and Isabelle get their hair done. Celia wants to apologize for how she acted when Isabelle came out. Apparently her time with Ms. You’re Pretty was inspiring? She wants Isabelle to explain how lesbian sex works. Isabelle’s never done anything more than kissing. Celia asks if it’s good. Good soft like a puppy? Bad soft like rotten fruit? Then she asks “am I going to have to get a strap on?” Isabelle doesn’t want her to “take this away from her,” it’s all she has. Isabelle is upset and leaves. Celia starts asking the hairstylist…

Andy and Alanis (sorry, can’t think of her as anything but) are home together but they can’t even get through dinner without making out. After sex she says she feels like there were 8 of him.

Doug and Dean can’t handle lack of drugs. Everything on their super list is lame. Doug is amazed by the size of his feet. They give up the being sober and decide to do it in shifts.

Silas sees the stepsister and asks if she wants to swim. She’s busy reading. What’s he reading? He’s…”between” books. He asks for a recommendation and she says she’ll make a list. She reveals to Nancy that she has a 32 year old lover. The baby refuses to latch on. She suggests they get lunch together to get to know each other but Aveletta says she’s not interested in being involved with her dad’s love life.

More sex for Andy and Alanis.

Esteban is happy. Everyone still supports Esteban. The people have spoken. They think they can get clean money for him to campaign with. He says Silas isn’t in his daughter’s league. She asks why. He’s a nice, simple boy. Aveletta speaks 3 languages and she will go to Berkley in a year. She tells him he’s sleeping on the sofa.

Nancy and Ms. You’re Pretty finished shopping and then make out in the doorway. Celia doesn’t seem to struggle with the gay part. She then asks how the strap on works and is assured that they will get there. (Certainly a story line I didn’t see coming.)

Shane is looking for gauze in the bathroom. Nancy wants to help. Cute mother-son moment. Silas is reading a book but gives up quickly. Shane leaves before she can actually help.

Doug and Dean have marker all over themselves. It seems shifts didn’t work well. They are awakened by Isabelle who becomes the mastermind of getting back at Celia.

Esteban is on his laptop. Nancy wants the baby to go elsewhere when he’s old enough. She’s upset for messing up her kids. He’s read about formula and changed his mind. Breast feeding is better. She says he doesn’t want her milk, maybe she’s toxic. He has a twitter account to connect with his followers. They’re opening up an office for him.

The bodyguard arranged what Nancy wanted. Esteban mingles and does his job when police show up and pull out guns. He’s under suspicion of conspiracy, racketeering, and tax evasion. Look at Pilar always one upping everyone.


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