Make It Or Break It Where’s Kaylie

Chloe and Emily share a bed. Are they too poor to get their own? Chloe had a bad dream. Emily’s moody. Chloe’s inappropriate but luckily keeps the comment to herself for once. Emily acts angsty, which, though normal teenage behavior, is so annoying to watch. Joe made breakfast. Em ignores. Brian eats. Emily not so subtlety tells him to leave. She promises to pay Joe back.

Lauren approaches Payson and Kaylie. Lauren’s copying Payson’s purple. (Maybe it’s blue, hard to say.) Kaylie’s grounded. Payson’s uninterested in drama before nationals. Kaylie asks if that’s Payson’s captain speech. (Do they have team captains in gymnastics?) Payson says it’s her job to support her gymnastics not breaking the rules. Lauren points out that it’s easy for her since she never breaks rules (diss?). Then she asks how Payson’s back is who responds witha perfect bar routine. They wonder where Carter is. Bet Sasha knows…

Kim asks Ronny how Kaylie is. Ronny says she doesn’t understand why they can’t have boyfriends. To prevent this kind of drama. Fail. Ronny says she’s lucky Payson’s so committed but Kim says it comes with issues of its own. Ronny thanks Kim for not telling Sasha. No worries, he’s omniscient.

Cut to Sasha confronting Carter. A source revealed Carter’s indiscretions but not the girl. Sasha tells the rest of the gym that Carter’s suspended. Kaylie’s upset. Sasha calls the girls over to post the rankings by apparatus. Payson is number one for all but beam (Lauren) and she’s upset. They are expected to get 10 hours of sleep before they leave.  (PS- Emily is #4 on all but bars where she beats Lauren and comes in 3rd Kaylie is always ranked 2 or 3.)

Sasha enters his office to find Kim unhappy about Carter’s suspension. Kim points out that if they’re expected to handle careers they can be responsible for their basic life. Payson interrupts to ask why she isn’t first on beam. Sasha says they’re tied now. “But not better,” Payson says “you said I was going first for everything.” He says the goal at nationals is for everyone in the club to do well and she needs to be supportive (by being first on beam Lauren’s chances are improved). He basically rips on Payson about how it’s easy to be supportive while secure at the top and maybe she isn’t captain material after all. I might agree if not for the fact that Payson clearly earned this and Lauren’s an inconsistent jerk. Also, I might agree with him if he hadn’t just done this in front of her mom. Who, in response, winks at her before she leaves. (Of all the unexpected responses…) Kim makes a crack of “thought your title was coach not god.” I knew I liked her for a reason.

Steve Tanner’s back. In comes Saint Summer. Lauren and Summer greet each other nicely. Summer explains how they became friends. She can’t marry him if it will reinforce Lauren’s fear of abandonment.  Lauren needs closure. Conveniently, Saint Summer has located her mom. Lauren overhears the conversation, of course.

Kaylie packs while listening to angry music. Her mom shuts it off. Kaylie’s mean until Ronny says she spoke to Carter and has arranged for them to meet during practice the next day. Well, now Kaylie hugs her mom. All is forgiven. (Ronny looks awful in that top.) Kaylie says maybe Ronny should never tell Alex the truth.

Brian and Joe play video games. Emily enters and ignores them. Chloe trails. Emily’s unhappy about Joe staying another night. Brian expects nothing from Joe so he’s never disappointed when he leaves. I like Brian, why isn’t he around more? Chloe and Emily discuss Joe buying Brian a ticket to nationals, which Emily wants MORE THAN ANYTHING except for the whole sucking Chloe back in thing. More angsty Emily. Chloe tries to make nice and Emily’s having none of it. (I want to tell them that pausing between EVERY word isn’t dramatic, just overacted.)

Lauren looks through old photos while sporting the pigtails and teddy bear (monkey) look. Finally thinking of something other than Carter! Her dad walks in to say he was afraid for her to see her mom and be disappointed again. He gives her a phone number to call her mother with the assurance that nothing, not even Summer, could make him abandon her. After he leaves she calls it.

Back at practice, Emily looking depressed and exhausted. Lauren (back in orange so all is right with the world) rushes in to say her mom’s coming to nationals. She proceeds to bring up her ranking on beam, which sends Payson back to practice rather than the chat and stretch that seems to be all the top athletes in this gym do. Kaylie wonders how she hasn’t met Lauren’s mother all these years. Well, she will now. Kaylie gets the cue from her mom and goes out to meet Carter while Sasha watches someone else. She doesn’t want to go to nationals without him but he insists. She says he’s the only one she can believe in. Let’s run away together! He tells her he slept with someone at the kegger. (Seriously, he couldn’t wait a few more days?) She runs away alone. Call this episode Run Kaylie Run. (No more unique than calling this Where’s Kaylie after there being a Where’s Marty.)

Emily finds her mom was sleeping with Joe, She angsts and when Joe tells her not to talk to her mother that way and he loves her Emily goes off on him: He’s a loser, not her father, he has no authority…Finally storms out. Chloe wants to follow, Joe says let her cool off. (I feel like this happens with one teenager/parent on this show every episode though it seems to be Payson more often than not which is surprising because she’s the least hormonal of them all.) Chloe says she’s changed. To prove it she tells Joe to leave. Counteracting the total stalkerness of last week, he does. (I don’t really like Chloe so I don’t sympathize much with the crying here.)

Lauren waits for her mom at the bus stop but she doesn’t come. Not surprising. Will she pop up at nationals next week? Lauren goes to Payson’s where Emily is sleeping over. Lauren waits until Kim leaves to reveal that she got a message from Kaylie saying she ran away. Payson thinks it’s selfish of her freaking everyone out the night before nationals with a boyfriend she’s not supposed to have. Payson figures out that she’s at gymnastics camp (thanks to some background noise). Lauren wants to go, Payson doesn’t. It’s 3 hours away, how can they get less than Sasha’s mandatory hours of sleep. (Payson seems bratty here but she’s not completely wrong either.) Emily agrees to go and finally they convince Payson. (Here’s the thing, Payson’s touching her back again and if the cortisone’s worn off after a day she not only needs to rest her back but needs to see a doctor immediately. So says the internet anyway…)

Wheres Kaylie?

Where's Kaylie?

They arrive and Lauren tells Ronny they’ve found her. Payson’s annoyed because the ride was probably bad for her back. Kaylie is sitting on a log by the lake. They join her . She doesn’t want to talk but Payson says she’d better. She reveals Carter’s indiscretion at the kegger. Payson wonders if everyone had sex at the party. Kaylie realizes it was Lauren. Lauren starts crying.
Kaylie: How can you act like my best friend?!
Lauren: I am your best friend!!
Kaylie: You are a two faced slut!!



Kaylie wants to run again. Payson says to stop running and while I love Ayla Kell, she had some line delivery issues (then again, all the girls do pretty much all the time so whatever). Emily says they’re not going to screw her out of her only team. Emily throws Kaylie’s keys into the woods. Lauren does the same. Payson forgot her phone and Lauren’s is magically dead since the last time she used it  second ago, Kaylie says she’ll never forgive her. Emily says she isn’t on Lauren’s side but she wants her team at nationals. (Sidenote: Wouldn’t it be better if her biggest competition was gone?)

The moms meet and wonder where the girls are. Summer finds out that Carter is kicked out and reveals that she was the one who went to Sasha because he was involved with more than one girl.

They’re all hungry as they sit around a bonfire they have made with a magical snap of their fingers. Lauren has an energy bar. Kaylie refuses to eat it. They all diss each other. Lauren says if Kaylie had been honest about her relationship this never would’ve happened. She also says Kaylie knew she was in love with Carter and still went after him. Kaylie reveals that Lauren’s dad blackmailed Marty because of her mom’s affair. (They did promise this was an all secrets come out episode so let’s all just get word vomit.)

The moms continue to talk. Chloe makes not so subtle comments about Ronny and Marty’s relationship. Ronny comes out and reveals it to all the women. (Is Summer realizing Steve’s blackmail?) Summer says she finds the way to get through something she’s not proud of is to pray to god. (I never realized how Christian ABC Family is until I started watching some of their shows this summer.)

Kaylie’s ashamed of her mom. Emily doesn’t agree so that’s a good sign. Lauren reveals that her mom’s a drug addict explaining why they’ve never met her. She was in and out of rehab and then disappeared. Her mom told her on the phone she was two years sober and sorry but she never showed up. She says Payson’s lucky, her mom is “such a mom” and she can tell her anything. But Payson can’t tell her about illegal cortisone. She needs to rest her back! She will. After nationals. (Which will become after worlds, which will become after…) If she doesn’t make the national team this year she’ll never make the Olympics (which is of course untrue but she is super intense–ps she had to have made the national team in previous years because she was second nationally last year). She’s scared (shock from all). She feels like she doesn’t have her friends anymore. They apologize because they’re going through a lot.  Emily gives the motivational speech for once instead of getting it (aiming for team captain here?). But just saying, why should kaylie forgive Lauren? Then Payson takes her shot, they’re more than friends…(all of a sudden Emily is super close to them all? Didn’t she just say they weren’t really friends? Tell her to go away and stop being a TAG ALONG!) They all do the”let’s hold hands and support each other” thing. They find the stump they carved their initials into (stop saying 012!!!) and want to add Emily’s initials at Payson’s suggestion. Em has Kaylie’s car keys in her pocket. She threw her house keys away. Kaylie tells Lauren she will never be her friend again but she will be her teammate. Good for Kaylie.

The bus arrives. Where are the girls? The girls show up just in time (like when Emily did in Sunday Bloody Sasha Sunday). All have luggage except Emily who is apparently not bringing anything. Sasha’s all pleased to see them. Payson nominates Emily for team captain. (No surprise there, that was coming.) Apparently it’s only up to the main girls and no one else who captains.

Cue Carter standing stalker-like at the edge of the scene. Of course. Wouldn’t be complete without that. Kaylie ignores him. He and Lauren make eye contact; he looks disgusted and leaves.

Despite etheir heart to heart, the girls don’t look happy as they set off. (Have no fear, all will be well when the next episode starts, as always. Or at least, they’ll be smiling regardless.)

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4 Responses to “Make It Or Break It Where’s Kaylie”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Love your episode recaps for this show-hilarious especially your hate for ‘012’! I agree with you and the whole national team thing…it’s 2009, they have plenty of time…only thing I am thinking is that maybe they were all on the junior national team last year and this is the first senior nationals?? I know you have to be 16 to be at the senior Olympic level…maybe that’s it. OH well, the show clearly isn’t about accuracy…

    • ax20 Says:

      i’m glad you enjoy!

      while it is true that they could not be senior elites before they turned 16, it also doesn’t matter. for example, jordyn wieber, already considered “the next best thing” in gymnastics will not be able to compete as a senior until 2011. meanwhile she has already beaten out Bridget Sloan (current national champ and olympic silver medalist) in competition and is basically a shoe in for the olympic team regardless of elite experience (unless she suffers some career ending injury or drops significantly in skill before then). so even if not this year for our MIOBI gymnasts, it won’t discount them for their future careers. But then again, they’re teenagers, EVERYTHING is the end of the world.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Very good point…I forgot about that Jordyn Wieber rediculousness at the American Cup…that girl is going to have a serious burnout or injury Payson Keeler style…I think she was even hurt for nationals this year…we’ll see if she makes it to “012” lol

  3. Nancy Says:

    The reason Lauren’s father blackmailed Marty to leave the Rock because Marty was sleeping with Kaylie’s mom.

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