Kyle XY–Part 2

Ok, now that I’ve gotten through all of season one and have begun season two, I have to say I’m glad I stuck with the show. Though the first few episodes were slow and un”Kylie-history” related, it really picked up from there. They began delving into Kyle’s background, explaining Tom, the Professor, etc. In fact, I would argue it got a little ahead of itself since it basically solved all the mysteries by the end of the first season. And the last couple are answered quite casually (ie- lack of navel and lack of memories) by the end of the season two premier, leaving little else for us to wonder about.

Not to say there isn’t more happening, as we already know that Kyle is no longer one of a kind and depending where his “sibling” (taking a cue from Dark Angel here, where all the mutants consider each other siblings) ends up, their interaction could be a lot of fun. But unless they don’t see each other for a while, Kyle and family should easily recognize someone whose story and behavior is just like his. But maybe the upgraded super-baby is smarter or learns faster? What if the “sibling” is taken in by someone who hates the Tagers? 

My other complaint would be that while Lori and Josh took center stage the first few episodes, they’ve taken a total back seat since, largely because kyle doesn’t include them in his mysteries and their social problems have resolved themselves. I hope one way or another the two get brought in more. Well, that and I don’t care for the mother all that much. She doesn’t really do anything but ignore her kids and obsess over Kyle (and not just when he leaves to go with his “parents.”)

Either way, I’m excited and can’t wait to see what comes next.

See part 3.


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