Cake Boss 8

Couple comes because they’re having a Zombie walk–they walk through town with make up. They want a cake for the after party-Zombie Prom. They want it gross and rotting and bloody. They decide on a tombstone with a Zombie coming out of the dirt with a brain in hand and body parts sprawled all over.

As they get to work in comes a bride for a bachelorette cake. Buddy’s mom has a rule, no erotic cakes. Buddy is willing to do it for friends but they have to keep it secret. They want a very graphic cake where size matters. But can they keep it a secret?

He has the women and Tone Tone (Buddy’s gay assistant who is sister is getting married) make the male strippers while they take care of the stage itself. The strippers will be tricky because they couldn’t add clothes to cover imperfections. They’re all worried about the mother coming in and sure enough she sees what they’re doing and tells them it’s unacceptable. She says she’s the boss and she’ll break them herself if need be. No way no how! They agree to cover them (temporarily so they can remove it).

They start working on the zombie cake and up comes his mother to check on a wedding cake. She finds Tone Tone’s uncovered stripper. She flips out. They cover the strippers and the mom approves. He brings the cake to the bachelorette party where the girls flip out. (As Buddy says, “you would have thought I brought them real strippers.”)

The Zombie cake is still unfinished. They work on the skin, tearing and ripping the fondant and adding the teeth and blood. They splatter blood and airbrush it to add features. then they add a rat. It’s pretty gross so successful.

A bunch of them go to deliver the cake because they’re curious to see what a zombie fest is. People are all dressed up and limping around. The “zombies” tear the cake apart. They think it’s incredible.

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