America’s Got Talent- 3rd 10 of Top 40 Perform

Piers says he finds it easy to be right but that his co-judges made the wrong decision. Sharon thinks singers must be brilliant to make it because this show isn’t just about singing, it’s about variety. David talks and makes me want to gag him…(I know you’re washed up but no need to be corny please).

The FootworKingz are up first. This is their chance, their time. It’s Chicago’s culture. Their feet move at 170 beats per minute. How do they know that? The night before one of the guys hurt his foot. This is the fastest routine they’ve ever done. On the one hand it’s cool, on the other because it’s only their feet it gets redundant. Piers says they’re better than he remembers. Sharon says brilliant. David says Hoff the charts! How will they top themselves?

Marcus Terrel and the Serenades is second. He has new back up singers. Hopefully they can get chemistry in such a short time. Poor song choice, Simon would chew him out for it. It doesn’t shut off his skill and the back up singers are eh. Sharon thinks he’s fabulous and the ladies are better. David says these women are much better. Piers said he’s a great singer. (Sharon barks at him.)

Pixie Mysterie‘s oldest member is 11. They’ve been together for 5 years. These kids are really cute. My only thing here is while the tumbling passes were cool, they got a little redundant as there was little actually dancing and a lot of cartwheels. David says they “came to play.” Piers says he’s disappointed for not being able to hit his buzzer. Sharon says they’re all magic and she wants to put them in her garden.

Jay Matioli the magician performs now. He’s one of the wildcard acts. He tries to make magical cool and relatable. This will be the first time he does some of the acts.He incorporates some Michael Jackson dance moves into his act. Piers and Sharon buzz. Piers says it wasn’t surprising. Sharon says it was too typical. David says he started with a bang but the scarves really brought it down. Good attitude and presentation but big enough?

On comes Bri. Sharon hopes this seventeen year old remains unique. She’s singing Pokerface. She starts slow and then speeds up and then slows down. I think it started good, had some rocky moments, and then ends well. Sharon’s applauding along with the audience. She tells Bri she took a huge risk by changing up the song and she owned it. She has nothing negative to say. David’s all “wow!” He wasn’t such a fan of the dancers at first but then it all worked. Piers says not much excites him these days but her performance did because with all the female singers out there who dominate the charts have their own style and she does too. Bri is speechless.

U4ria Dance Crew, the second wildcard of the night, performs now. They’re a new crew so they have some disagreements. So far no wildcards have made it so they hope to be the first. (The camera angle is so annoying and makes it hard to follow the dance.) They set it in an insane asylum. Not so impressed with this dance crew. Maybe watching Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew I’m spoiled. David loved it. Piers says he thinks they’re the first wildcard act that he’s pleased to see again and he thinks they taken their act forward and he thinks the dancing this season has been unbelievable. So far this quarterfinals is one of the best ever. Sharon loved the routine but she doesn’t know if they’re the best technical dancers. Luckily for them most of America won’t vote by technique. And often can’t tell the difference.

Dave Johnson sings country about the Golden Girls. Piers buzzes. He doesn’t sound very good. This is not as funny as his tryouts. Sharon buzzes. David just likes him because he wrote a song for David. David finally buzzes and the song ends. Piers tells him he was not hot. (Boos) He doesn’t get it or think it’s funny. Sharon he was kinda folky with silly lyrics which isn’t her thing. David says it won’t make it further.

Hairo Torres next. He’s dancer/contortionist. Can one dancer headline in Vegas? Tonight’s performance is…everything. Until the next stage. He has backup dancers and a funny story line about a nerd who can’t help himself but dance. It’s very clever and funny. Sharon thinks he looks like Jerry Lewis on acid. She wonders if he can do the thing on his own but he was great so far. David thinks he’s the weirdest dancer everywhere because he’s all over the place but great and entertaining. Piers he should think more about his choreography for a 90 minute show. (He had a bunch of dancers with him so I don’t know why they keep making a big deal about him being alone.)
G-Force, a group of three sisters, is up next. All under 13. They want to be the girl version of the Jonas Brothers. Can they handle the pressure? They seem confident. Bad song choice. They play their instruments well but they aren’t singing loud enough. Piers buzzes. I think the nerves have gotten to them a bit. Especially the lead singer. David goes first and says they were his favorite in the beginning, they were a little off on the vocals but they have a major career ahead of them. Piers says he loves them and their instrumental skill but the vocals were off. If they can fix that they have a potentially great act. Sharon says their audition was better but it’s understandable.

3 acts let. Jeffrey Ou is up with classical music. He’s shy and socially awkward but when playing he’s comfortable. He reminds me of Arcadian Broad the way he smiles when he plays, looking so happy. You can’t actually hear the piano playing once the music picks up. David says you couldn’t hear the piano. And he doesn’t need the backup dancers. Piers says something was wrong that it couldn’t be heard but he doesn’t know how to judge it. Apparently the audio cable was knocked out. So what will happen then? Well there’s no redo…Sharon prefers him as the mad professor/not as current.

Mario and Jenny who juggled chainsaws go now. Their act is all about the danger. He looks like the anti-christ or something. They juggle guitars on fire and do other fire things. It’s pretty cool looking though I don’t think I would go to a performance like this. Sharon says their execution is excellent. They belong in Vegas. David says they’ve come to play and were better than before and could even win. Piers says this was as near to a Vegas act as they’ve seen and he is glad he won’t be voting.

Laurence Beaman is the final act of the night, another singer. Emotion=strength for him. Or so Sharon hopes. He sings “You Are So Beautiful.” Again, poor song choice. It starts too slow without showing off his voice. He has a good voice but the song doesn’t getloud enough to show it off for the most part. Piers gives him a standing ovation. I wish Simon was on this show. Sharon says “OOOH smooth.” She likes his song choice. David says he feels sorry for everyone else in thecompetition. He did’t win my vote. (If I ever bothred to vote.) Piers didn’t think anyone would beat FootworKingz but hethinks he is a guaranteed star.


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