Cake Boss 7

Buddy gets a call by the Garruchi family, they do fireworks for everything big (olympics, inaugurations, etc.) they need a cake for the founder’s birthday. They want to incorporate landmarks and fireworks into the cake itself. He gets a surprise mini show.It’s not so impressive to see on tv, you just don’t get the effect and noise.

The idea is to do three landmasses and the statue of liberty, 4-5 foot skyscrapers, the brooklyn bridge, fireworks on top. The dad would be sitting at the base of the statue, poised to light a fireworks.

While working Buddy gets a call about how he has to go to his son’s school for “bring your dad to school day” so he wants to make mini cakes for each kid to design with their parents. His kids are so cute. They come to work and get a chance to play with the coloring.

Buddy wants to test the fireworks to see what happens. This doesn’t seem set up correctly…Buddy lights it and runs out of the way but nothing happens. They think it’s a dud, until the entire cake explodes. Ooops. Clearly not the right type of fireworks. There’s fireworks everywhere!

They get some snaps to have some fun. Meanwhile they set up the buildings and add the windows and bricks. They use poppy seeds for roofs. Sprinkles are people in a stadium. It’s pretty awesome, includes some generic and some important buildings (9 in total) plus a bridge, a stadium, a factory, and of course the bakery.

With the snaps they sneak down and scare the women in the kitchen. He’s thrilled with himself for scaring his sister so she goes and tells on him. She sends him back to work.

They run wires through the cakes to attach the fireworks. They run into a problem–the only big enough room to work is the oven room. Which is hot. So the fondant begins to melt and bend. Luckily with some quick thinking they use fans to dry the cakes.

So far so amazing looking. But now it’s time to transport the cake only to discover that the truck is too small.

(Sidenote, commercial for a new series Masters of Reception. I’m kind of curious, it’s like Cake Boss for party designers.)

Oh, they just have to lift it. Or they can remove the shelf that’s in the way. They’re nervous that they won’t have time to get it to the party in time. Finally they arrive and the cake is a hit. The fireworks are supercool once installed.

Then off to his son’s school. The mini cakes are a hit.

Buddy talks about his dad who inspires him.

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