Ace of Cakes: The Harry Potter Cake

They’re making the Hollywood, CA Harry Potter premier cake. It is supposed to be a non edible Hogwarts with the grounds as the cake.

Show opens with them doing magic, which is fun. Flying pots and pans, lights and wands.

They plan to make most of the cake in CA. Duff won’t be around though because he was invited to something at Texas.

As they worked on the castle they made multiple drafts of blue prints which is difficult because they have no good pictures. They like working on a single cake instead of multiple ones. Making the towers and covering them in fondant took hours.

When Duff returns from Texas he’s impressed with their progress so far. They added little windows to all the buildings. They had to knead ten pounds of fondant for the cliffs and castle. Then they spray the building it look more like stone. Duff then needs to drive this part of the cake across the country while the others meet him there to build the rest. He really wants bbq chicken in Kansas City. He;s jewish and loves pork.

The rv seemed fine until it got a flat. There was no spare. That’s when the trouble began. Then he hits the first hill in the Rockies and it seems the engine has overheated. He used to work on cars so he knew how to fix it and it turned out it wasn’t a big deal.

He starts driving around in the Mohabi desert parking lot and then finally gets to LA on time. The challenge for the cake was making the landscape as good as the castle. They’ve invented a new method to make trees look more textured. It’s Duff’s skill.

They have tons of trees to make. They place cobblestones to line the walkways.

When they’re done they get to walk down the red carpet and go to the movie premier.

I have to say that for everything I’ve said about this show, the cake is amazing looking. (Maybe I just love Harry Potter but it’s so cool looking.)


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