Ace of Cakes: Mascots and Mice

They start by talking about who makes the best matzo ball soup in the world and how everyone thinks they’re mothers are the best. Adam think his are even better and that they should sink.

They have a staff meeting where they say they’re making a wedding cake for a couple that they made an engagement cake for. The couple went to Georgetown, so they wanted to incorporate that into it by having a four tier cake and have the Georgetown Hoya mascot biting into it.

Next is a cake for his stepmom who likes fabroge eggs. Duffy and his six year old brother are going to do the painting. The styrofoam eggs they could find were too small so they got oval shaped egg pans instead.

Elena has become the animal expert cake and is making 2 dog cakes this week. In Charm City Cakes they try to give people their skills. She’s in a rock band and has to leave early for a gig. She has a knack for giving the dogs personality and detail. She finishes it in time.

The fondant is difficult to wrap vertically around a cake. They works slowly on the french toast cake hoping it didn’t rip. She made syrup and melted butter.

For the wedding cake Anna had a hard time ripping the whole in the cake to make it look like the dog has eaten it. She was trying to make it as small as possible.

Luke arrives to help paint the egg cake. He gets wild and starts rolling around on a chair. They tell him he needs to calm down because he’s going to ruin the cakes. Duffy has to call in the others to help. At the party itself he gets to see real farboge eggs.

The wedding cakes are next. They love their job for its uniqueness. The bride loves the french toast cake. The dog cake is also loved. The groom had gotten the engagement cake for her because she’d said she liked the charm city cakes and he wanted to show that he was paying attention. Charm City says they’re ready for a baby shower cake for the couple now.

Additionally a wedding cake that looks like french toast with a french mouse sticking out because they had toast for their first date. Katherine has an unusual skill for making cakes that looked like other food. She makes the mouse have a mustache, berret, mime shirt, cigarette with a fancy holder.

Fourth cake is a matzo ball bar mitzvah cake. He doesn’t think just because stodgy heavy matzo balls are traditional means it’s best. He adds carrots and china detail.


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