My sister told me I had to watch Kings. She’s fairly picky when it comes to TV shows so I agreed to try it (just as soon as i caught up on all of Psych, which i finally did). So I watched all 13 episodes over the last few days (they’re all available on hulu for now). I can see why she likes the show.

Kings tells the story of a modern day monarchy. King Silas rules Gilboa by the will of God (annointed by Reverend Sammuel) and the love of the people. He created a prosperous city called Shiloh. At the start of the season, Gilboa is at war with Gath, a neighboring country and the war is not going well because Gath has tanks, called Goliaths, that are easily outgunning the GIlboans. To make matter worse, the king’s son, Jack, is captured. Enter the hero: David Shepherd. Shepherd singlehandedly saves Jack and destroys some of the Goliath tanks. The country hails him a hero and it is decided that David will remain in the capital as military liaison because of his charm. While there he falls for Michelle, the king’s daughter and a passionate activist. But what seems like a dream for David soon turns to nightmare as he must maintain his footing in a place where politics and hidden maneuverings rule. And plots against peace, and against the king, threaten all. David, an ever loyal subject, is tested.

Any of that sounds familiar? It should, what with it mostly being a not so veiled allusion to the Book of Sammuel. These allusions are one of many reasons why my sister loves the show. It’s smart. It seamlessly combines the old (flowery language, biblical stories, and monarchies) while maintaining the new world (electricity, guns, and other modern inventions).

I have always been a fan of retellings. Wicked (the broadway show) is fantastic as a retelling of the Wizard of Oz. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs was a favorite twist when I was younger. So Kings’ twist on the story of King Saul and King David was a pleasant, and well orchestrated, surprise.

But even without the biblical references, Kings it still a high-quality show. The characters are compelling and believable, certainly well acted. The story with it’s twists and turns are ever surprising and gripping. There was a lot going on and all of it was interesting to watch.

My only regret: that we will never get to find out what happens next. There will be no second season.

This is another show that had a lot of potential but wasn’t given the proper attention and effort needed by the network. Perhaps it would have faired better on cable (like Rome and the Tudors). I only wish I had known about the show earlier so that my friends and I could have watched it when it aired.


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