This show, starring Jada Pinkett Smith had me skeptical from the start. For one thing, WHAT’S WITH THE NURSE SHOWS? I don’t know where this sudden trend came from but enough is enough. I think there will be at least three of them come this fall. There are only so many versions of “our job is hard and we’re undervalued and the doctors ignore us” that we as viewers can take before it gets tired.

That being said, I almost always give new shows a chance (the pilot and maybe another episode if the pilot is lacking but shows promise) as you never know. And while I couldn’t even finish the pilot of Nurse Jackie, I got through my first episode of HawthoRNe. I wasn’t convinced, but I was at least intrigued. (Plus after Stick It, I really enjoy Vanessa Lengies and wanted to see how she would handle this more grown up and serious role.)

Intrigued is certainly not a glowing recommendation, but I’ve continued to watch. Nine episodes in and I’ve come to some conclusions: One- they were a bit overzealous with the cast there are too many characters and not enough time is spent on each. Two- we spend a ton of time on Christina (Jada Pinkett Smith’s character) and learn virtually nothing new about her. Three- the show makes it hard to find must distinction between nurse and doctor beyond who has more authority.

But then I watched this week and I think the show has finally found it’s footing. This was the first time where I fully paid attention to the show instead of half paying attention while playing on my computer. The episode had Christina fighting against staff cuts while the rest of the nurses dealt with a woman whose mother has a stroke. The problem is that the woman seems to have told the doctor the wrong time for when the stroke occurred, changing what medicine should be given. But when Kelly, the young/new nurse brings it to the doctor’s attention she is ignored, forcing Kelly to go over the doctor’s head. The right medication is given and everything calms down, until the woman realizes that she’s forgotten her baby daughter in the car during the commotion. The car must be 120 degrees by now and the baby’s been in there for hours. The staff struggles to save the baby and fails and they must deal with the consequences of such a devastating loss.

This was the first episode where everything felt real. You could feel the characters’ pain, connect to both patient and nurse. I’m hoping that next week’s episode (and next season as the show has been picked up again) follow in this suit. If it does, the how will definitely remain on my watch list.


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