Better Off Ted 2

Last night two episodes of Better Off Ted aired after a brief hiatus. It’s no surprise that the ratings for the show were poor. Don’t get me wrong, the episodes themselves were excellent–perhaps some of the funniest yet–and in my opinion at least are not to blame for their poor showing. (The first revolved around Ted creating an imaginary project called Jabberwacky in order to cover using money to make linda happy. The second was about Veronica’s secret life as a magician’s assistant.) 

But how can you expect a show to have an audience when it isn’t aired regularly and it’s airings aren’t well publicized? The fact that there were two episodes on last night was a fact that I stumbled upon by accident while looking for what channels some other things were on. (A month ago I would have said my lack of knowledge was my own fault, as I rarely watched actual TV, using my computer because I usually wasn’t home around 8. But lately I’ve been watching regular tv and seeing commercials, so this is clearly not the case.) What surprises me most about this lack of proper advertising is that it is ABC that has failed. Of all networks, I normally find ABC to be one of the best at publicizing its shows, yet here they failed.

For those who do not know, Better Off Ted is an office comedy that premiered this year. It revolves around Ted (Jay Harrington), an honest guy working in a dishonest company, and his dealings with Veronica (his stoic but hilarious superior played by Portia de Rossi), Linda (who he has a crush on), Phil and Lem (two quirky scientists), and his daughter Rose (headstrong but cute). I didn’t expect much of this show but found myself pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend this half hour comedy and hope that ABC can step it up and advertise properly for it in the future.


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