America’s Got Talent: Results 2

Which five groups from last night will make it into the top 20?

First, a recap so we can have a refresher on last night (even though from 8-9 was a refresher show…)

Eleisha cried last night 😦 That’s my only issue with this show. Kids at a certain age are too young to take critique as anything other than bashing. (Some adults can’t even understand it.) So I wish they had a minimum age, even if it was like twelve, which is around when kids begin to experience cuts etc for teams.

Piers says he was right for all his buzzes but he was sorry/uncomfortable about making Eleisha cry.

The twelve acts are called onto the stage.

Fab Five vs Beale Street Flippers. One is safe one is eliminated. The act moving on is…Fab Five. (Duh!) David thinks it was the right decision.

LMFAO performs. Don’t actually know who they are. And I’m okay with that. It’s weird.

Voices of Glory Vs Eleisha Miller Vs Carol Loo. Well, this is a pretty obvious result as well. The next act to go home is Carol Loo. And now, the act going through into the top 20 is…Voices of Glory. (Again, duh.) Eleisha hugs the others. She says she promised her mom that if she didn’t make friends she wouldn’t watch it. She’s good.

The Texas Tenors vs Pete Peterkin. Now it’s not as obvious a choice. Although not that hard either I think. The act that is safe is the Texas Tenors. So far no surprises. (The show last night wasn’t all that great as compared to last week.) Why does Piers think acapella is unusual? What planet is he from?

Magic show by Penn and Teller (who have a show in Vegas) where they saw a woman in half. They then show the way the magic trick is done and “accidentally” actually cut her in half.

Up now is SQ Entertainment, Alizma, and Paradizo Dance. I’m thinking SQ Entertainment but people seem amazed that the girl lifts the boy in Paradizo dance so I don’t know. I don’t think it’s such a big deal and I wouldn’t want to go see it. The next act going home is…Alizma, the only act to get three Xs last night. Two acts left, one is going through. America has voted. The next act moving one step closer to $1 million is Paradizo Dance. (Well, that’s unfortunate but I’m not so surprised.)

Last but not least, the fifth and six spot. Charles Dewayne vs Rory and Tony. The judges get to pick. Sharon passes. David picks the dog. Piers says Charles (if he doesn’t go through it’ll be the biggest scandal!) Sharon says it’s gonna have to be Rory and Tony. Piers is scandalized.

Some acapella by Voicemale-
(the quality isn’t great because the recordings are on cameras)
(a recording)
(an acapella dance competition that they won for best choreography)penn and tellerelei


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