Cake Boss 6

May-June is a busy season. Buddy is working on a cake that had been planned a while ago. He meets with a bride who is difficult (she wants everything her mother doesn’t want). They can’t agree on anything but the daughter doesn’t do anything. The mother wants a white cake, the daughter wants black. He combines their two ideas and they agree on a four tier cake. Buddy drapes fondant on the cake, as the mother wants. Buddy is thrilled with how it comes out. He puts on cowlilies, which the bride wanted. They’re sure the bride will like it. 

Joey says someone contacted him asking if they could do something for a children’s hospital. Buddy says of course, anything for the kids. The cake is supposed to be a 3-D replica of their logo and feed 500 people. Not quite what he thought it was. This is going to be a lot harder than expected. It’s going to be a huge cake. While studying the logo Buddy get an idea. Cake is clouds and then they’ll add the bi-plane and a banner. 

The bride wants to come in and check on her cake. This isn’t typical but it happens on occasion. She’s very stoic. She sees it and says “oh my god this is so ugly.” She doesn’t like that it looks so traditional. The cake is very important to her. She wants there to be color in the cake. While they’re out discussing what to do, she grabs piping bags and starts squirting coloring all over the cake. He’s shocked. She says she was giving him an art lesson. He tells her to go. He pretty pissed and nearly decides not to make the cake. Buddy surveys the cake and calls her mother and tells on her. He doesn’t think he can make them a cake. Her mother starts crying so he says he’ll do it for her. Such a softie at heart. 

Buddy rallies his helpers. No one wants to make another cake, they say he should just deliver the one she ruined. Buddy says they’re making a cake regardless of what they like. 

He goes to check on the biplane cake and they’re not doing what he wanted. They’ve messed up so he has to do some quick fixing.

Meanwhile they’re having difficulty filling a cupcake order. Buddy is frustrated and starts yelling at everyone. Stretch the delivery boy and Frankie are up to something. It seems they’re planning a prank. Stretch goes to get Buddy. (This is a prank war, Buddy has apparently pranked Buddy.) Buddy falls for the bait and comes downstairs with Stretch to check on the delivery truck. But when Stretch opens the truck it’s empty and food coloring and water are poured onto the delivery boy. Buddy cracks up. Frankie went to Buddy as soon as Stretch came to him.

They had the cake and banner made but they still had to do the cake, which they made out of cake. The rest was made out of modeling chocolate with icing to stick everything together. They proud of the cake even though everyone is exhausted.

Now it’s Bridezilla’s wedding day and it’s not finished yet. After they add the flowers, they add silver pearls to a quilted exterior and with teamwork they manage to finish it. Buddy decides to deliver it personally so he can see her reaction. Her mother sees it and gasps in pleasure. She loves it. She apologizes about her daughter and he says he just wants to make her happy. Buddy says he’s confident the bride will love the cake. Let’s see…

They call the bride in. She doesn’t seem to want to come. She says “oh it’s beautiful” in a very sarcastic tone, refusing to come into the room, much less actually look at it. It wasn’t what Buddy was hoping for but everyone else loved it. 

Time to deliver the other cake. They get there and everyone applauds the cake. People are thrilled and say it tasted great. 

Buddy gets home and his kids run to him. He feels like he hasn’t seen them in a while and he misses them. They sit down for dinner. Buddy says family is what life is all about.

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One Response to “Cake Boss 6”

  1. angela saiani Says:

    Hello Buddy
    I’m sure you receive a lot of e-mails from a lot of people, but I just had to write you and say that you ARE the best cake decorator EVER. Not only can you make fantastic cakes, but you also have a fantastic personality to match. I always look forward to watching and I’m glad that you we’re in the semi-finals with the pool tournament with football player Tuck.
    From your biggest fan!!!

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