America’s Got Talent: 2nd Top 10 of 40 Perform

Of the twelve acts performing tonight (top 10 and two wildcards), only five can go through tonight. 

He asks the judges if they think they’re being tough. Piers says they need to be even tougher. They’re looking for “the weird, the wild, the wonderful, it’s going to be a Hoff-tastic night.” Ok…

Up first, the Fab Five. The five tap dancing sisters are family strong. They are very close despite living so far apart. They’ve held cyber rehearsals. There’s a fire fighter theme here. I like them, talent, fun, and great effects (fire!). They just get more impressive as the routine goes on. The only thing I would say they should try to do is expand their use of the stage. Definitely stepped up their act since auditions. Piers says he likes acts that do what they say they will do–they are five ladies that are fabulous. He thought is was all fantastic. Agreed. Sharon says “what a way to start the show.” They’re technique is brilliant. Huff daddy (Nick said it not me!) says “blazing mommas. I’m gonna set my house on fire will you put me out…” 

Second is Charles Dewayne. He’s picked a famous song, which is a risk, but he doesn’t want to hold back. He’s singing “Just the Two of Us.” This is one of those moments where I wish Simon Cowell was around to say “wrong song choice!” It just doesn’t show off his skill or rang and is a relatively easy song to sing. If you’re going to sing something famous you need to be better than the original singer and here at least, he isn’t. Disappointing because he was so strong in trials. But what do the judges say? Sharon says “wow, I think they liked that.” She loves him but she didn’t think it was a good song choice. People boo her. David agrees, “good voice wrong song and play more to the audience.” Piers apologizes for the others’ negativity. He says he watched it carefully for fault but he’s more convinced that Charles could be a star. (Unexpected to get all the positivity from Piers.)

Carol Loo, the elderly tap dancer is on stage next. She will be doing new steps on the stage. She’s such a cute woman. She has some back up dancers and she’s lowered in a basket type thing. The dance has a costume change. Piers buzzes. I think she does less good dancing than last time and isn’t wearing the type of outfit you’d want someone her age and thinness to wear. David says Hoff-tastic. He loves her energy. She kept up with the young dancers. Piers says he’s searching for positives (cue the boos). He’s impressed with her but he doesn’t think she earns $1 million. Sharon says “she’s got chutzpa to do that at 63. she thought it was amazing, Madonna.”

Rory and Tony– the man and his dog with the frisbee act. (Haha they play some Baywatch music). There’s a buzz of course form Piers when the dog misses one. But it picks up. They have some new tricks including running through human bridges. Piers says he dropped most of the frisbees. But he blames Tony for poor throwing. Sharon thought the dancers distracted the dog. She loves the dog and won’t say anything bad. David says he liked it. 

Eleisha Miller is up. She’s been working on her vocals, as suggested by the coaches. They chose her because of her charisma. She says she’s go to do the best she’s done in her entire 9 years of living. i don’t think the vocals are quite up to par. She should have chosen a more exciting song where she could use her energy. Piers buzzes. (He loves that buzzers doesn’t he.) Her performance has dancers performing with her…She ends with an “I love you America” shout out. She feels amazing. Sharon says her dancing was very good but her vocals had a couple of problems. David says he loves her energy and so he won’t say anything bad about her performance. Making everyone smile is talent. Piers says he thinks she should fire her vocal teacher. He thinks she’s an amazing girl but he isn’t sure singing is the way she should go. More boos. Nick tells her to keep singing if she believes it’s in her heart. 

Paradizo Dance the couple where the small woman does all the lifting of the big man. It’s too weird for me. They’re taking some big risks. They dance to Halo. Really I think that while the lifts are impressive the actual dancing is not. David says he wishes he could vote. Piers say it was amazing. Sharon says unique and magnificent. They’re a very cute couple though. 

Next act the Texas Tenors. A western acapella group. They only just started the group 3 months ago. They chose a big song: God Bless the USA. I have a hard time judging this because 1) I love American Idol’s version and 2) while I think they harmonize well, I don’t like their individual voices (even though I acknowledge that they have talent.) Piers salutes “god bless america.” He says it made him proud to be an american but it was cheesy. Sharon points out one of the guy’s white teeth. Sharon says she loves the patriotism (She loves America, that’s why she moved.) David thinks the group needs to sing a nice ballad if they get voted back. He hopes they get voted back.

Wildcard group SQ Entertainment has heart and raw talent. They’ve added stunts to their routine. They add a little spy type theme. I think they’re good but need to polish their routine more. It’s a little sloppy and hectic at points. Sharon goes first. She says it was mean but good. David thought it was really entertaining but he couldn’t figure out the story. (It started out intense and then they were goofy.) Piers says he didn’t think they should come back because there were better dance groups. After that performance…he was wrong. THey came back and were creative. He got the story. Could’ve been tighter but it was an improvement. 

Pete Peterkin– the impressionist. He brings back Obama as the rock and roll president. The resemblance is scary. He’s going to impersonate Jamie Foxx. Oh it turns out he can sing. Not so much of an impression of Jamie Foxx as just a good singing rendition. He needs to do more in m opinion. David says he was impressed. Piers said the Obama material was bad and he didn’t get what it was: impersonating Obama impersonating Jamie Foxx impersonating Ray Charles. Piers says he needs to get more material. Sharon said she loves him but it went over her head. He needs to simplify. 

Alizma now. They do everything together and they keep talking over each other. They argue. They’ve got looks and talents but Piers thinks they can’t sing. David disagrees. What do they choose? One sings while two play violin and i have to say I agree with Piers, they’re singing is poor. For the most part they don’t even play guitar. (they’re singing Natural Woman) Sharon buzzes early. They try for a high note and the other judges buzz. Piers says he’s gone deaf. Sharon says she can see that they’re angry but she doesn’t understand the stripper moves. She doesn’t get her act. The girls love sexy. David thinks it was all over the place. It was nothing like their tryouts, it was like strippers on acid. (They take it as a compliment. Lost in Translation?) They’re glad they sang.

Beale Street Flippers are the other wildcard act. Can they take it form the street to the stage? they’re doing the most dangerous stunts yet. I’m excited, i liked them last time. They flip over first one person then two, then three. One guy takes off his shirt while flipping. Piers buzzes them right at the end. Piers says he just got a little bored. It needs to be better choreographed and more varied. Sharon says they’re good at flipping but need to add more elements. David says the did a terrific job but they need to sustain it and make it bigger for Vegas. Fair enough.

The Voices of Glory are up. They’re so cute. They want to make their mom proud. They’re harmonizing sounds off. (Poor song choice once again.) Once they start doing solo pieces they get better and the rest of the routine follows. But I liked them better the first time around. David says that’s what the show is about. Fantastic. Piers says it was a bit shaky but he loves the suits and they have a star in their midst, their little sister. Once she stepped forward it fixed it. Sharon says it was the little girl’s night. She adores her. 

And now it’s time to vote.


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