The Secret Life: Class Picture

David and George talk. George says the baby is his. David says he already knows. David lists all the things that Anne hates about George. This conversation is so bizarre. George says he can’t live life with his daughters and baby, to which David responds “wanna bet?” (Wasn’t he just talking about how adult he was?)

Adrian wants her dad to go look at George’s house even though it’s not on sale. Her dad isn’t interested. He won’t look at it until it’s on the market. She wants to go to Grace’s to do homework. He doubts her and grills her and she of course goes anyway. She and Grace go to Ashley’s house. Adrian wants to “check out the view” and Ashley says to go, Ricky and Amy are in the living room. They see them arguing.

Ashley wants him to tell her if Ben had sex during the summer. Ricky says he doesn’t know. She assumes he must have because he’s being reasonable. Therefore he doesn’t sound like her boyfriend, because he’s not asking about having sex anymore.

Ashley comes down to point out that should they move in, Adrian will likely break up with Ricky and be unable to get away from him. Ashley and Grace have a nice heart to heart about their parents. Grace thinks he’s well meaning.

Anne wants to know why George thought she wanted him to end her relationship with David. Anne doesn’t know who she wants. Maybe she should just stay with him. She loves him but she’s not in love with him. Maybe that’s how she feels about him too. She just likes him because he likes her. She wonders if she should have dated more. George says no men want to date pregnant women. She wonders if maybe she shouldn’t have given in to the two of them.

Ricky asks Adrian what she’s doing next door. Why is she spying him? He doesn’t like her following him around. She says she was dropping by to see George. It seems to be a party as Jack comes in to pick up Grace. Jack says it’s convenient as it will give Adrian and Ricky more time together. Jack and Grace leave and in walks Amy. (This is a really delayed comment to make, but I love that the jock and cheerleader and the devout Christians in the group. So unlikely.)

They discuss whether or not George will be moving. Amy says he isn’t room for George or Ashley (John’s bedroom). Adrian says Ashley can stay with them. Ashley says she just wants her parents to stay together so she can get a car from David. Adrian says she thinks she knows everything and when she asks Ricky to back her up, but he doesn’t. When Amy leaves, Adrian says it’s kind of fun to have everyone there. 

Ricky tells Ashley he wants Adrian to see him cheating so she’ll break up with him. She asks if really what he wants is her to prevent him from cheating. He says he can’t stop. She says he never thought he could be a good father, maybe he could be a good guy. As always, Ashley is the voice of reason! 

Adrian’s dad promises that he’s trying to find them a new house. George calls about his house being on the market. He says he’ll come by to see it. Amy comes in and he tells her to go back because he’s showing the house. He asks if the girls miss each other and there’s a unanimous “no.” Amy says maybe her mom will just raise the baby on her own. Ashley points out “just like you are? with no help?” Amy almost left John at home. George wonders if Amy and Ricky might be having sex.

Ricky wants to tell Adrian something. Adrian delays. She sees Ben and calls him over. It seems he and Ben have made up. Ricky says that Amy thinks he had sex with someone. Adrian says even if he did, he shouldn’t tell because she’d never forgive him. She walks away. Amy comes up to Ben and whines. He asks if she asked about him having sex. She denies it. He says he loves only her and he didn’t do anything. She’s so jealous because she loves him. He suggests cribbage or going out to dinner.

Grace and Jack discuss Adrian’s family moving into George’s house. Grace thinks it will be good. There are rumors from Madison that Amy’s mom cheated too. It turns out Jack and Madison hung out together over the summer. Grace is jealous which Jack likes. Grace goes over to Ben saying they should meet since Jack and Madison met without them. He says yes. Jack sees.

Ashley asks her gay friend why he wants to come over. He admits to wanting to see her crazy family in action. A guy named Mark introduces himself and her gay friend tells him to get away. The two of them made a pact not to date in high school. Another guy introduces himself to her gay friend. (Apparently they’re the “hot kids” of the school.)

Some guy asks Ricky if he and Adrian are together. When Ricky asks why he wants to know the guy says nevermind. 

Ricky has John. He gets a call from Adrian which he ignores. Adrian’s mom asks if she’s going out. She says maybe later. She says she knows he cheated on her. Adrian cheats on him because he cheats on her. She doesn’t want him to officially tell her because he hopes she’ll break up with him. Her mother said maybe they should admit they love each other and that they cheat each other from fear of being hurt. Her mom encourages her to talk to Ricky. She picks up her keys.

Jack and grace are together in the kitchen and kiss. Grace reminds him that they’re doing nothing more than kissing. Someone knocks on the door, it’s Madison. Grace invited her so they could have a Dead Parent’s Meeting. (Madison says she likes that grace was jealous because she felt like a loser.) Grace says she was jealous because they didn’t tell her.

Anne breaks up with David. He says they could still work together even if they aren’t seeing each other (hmm anyone think he’s trying to continue to their relationship? maybe not, he’s moving away without her) He asks her not to just marry George again. She should see how things are. David says he’s giving Anne the car he was going to give Amy and she can do whatever she wants with it. It’s payment for all her work. He says goodbye and good luck. Outside he makes it clear to George that he hasn’t given up.

Adrian shows up at Ricky’s and he says John’s here. She says she didn’t know but then he doesn’t tell her anything. What did he want to tell her? Nothing. She says nothing. She asks if there’s any way they can see each other without any “friends” on the side. She’s the one he always comes back to, he cares about her. Ricky says they’re in high school, not ready to commit for life. 

On their date Amy falls asleep at the restaurant. He wakes her and she thanks his for being so understanding. He wants to clear the air about the summer. He asks if Ricky slept over more than the one time he caught them. She says yes. She asks if he had sex. He says no. She says she used to think he’d never lie and now she’s not so sure. He says what’s been bugging her is that he knew about it but she didn’t tell him. Amy says she wants to go get John. She hates Ricky and Adrian.

Ashley and her dad wait in the care while Adrian’s family is inside. Griffin (the gay friend) shows up. He says he’s looking out for her, that all the guys want Ashley. George says he likes him. 

Adrian plays with the baby (for the first time I think) and Ricky thinks she looks comfortable with him. Amy shows up and tells Adrian to put the baby down. She says Ricky can never take him again. Ricky says he will. Ricky says he will and Adrian can hold the baby whenever he wants. Amy tells her she doesn’t want that slut touching her baby. And she says Adrian will never live next door. Adrian says too late, their parents already struck a deal.

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