So You Think You Can Dance: Favorite Dances

In honor of the SYTYCD finale last night, I’ve decided to put together a list of my favorite dances from the show. In no particular order:

Comfort and Twitch in Forever:

Katie and Joshua in No Air:

Chelsea and Mark in Bleeding Love:

Kayla and Kupono in Gravity (the dance about Addiction):

Jeanine and Jason in If It Kills Me:

Katie and Twitch in Mercy:

Heidi and Travis in Calling You (park bench dance):

Lacey and Pasha in In The Morning (the mannequin dance):

Ashley and Kupono in Felt Mountain (the crash test dummy dance):

Jamie and Hok in the Chairman’s Waltz (the Hummingbird and the Flower):

Melissa and Ade in This Woman’s Work (the dance about breast cancer):

Jeanine, Melissa, and Kayla in Kick It (superheroes):

Jeanine and Kayla in The Four Sections (the veils):

Karla and Jonathan in Falling Slowly:

Kayla and Kupono in Eyes on Fire:

Kayla and Jason in They’re Everywhere (zombie one):

(And anything that Sonya Tayeh and Travis Wall choreographed, because I think the two of them are fantastic.) What are your favorites?

Also, because we see the dancers so much but learn little about the choreographers, I put something together so you could get to know the people who make the show possible: <a href=””>The Choreographers</a>


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