Burn Notice: Long Way Back

Recap: Thanks to Strickler, there’s been movement on Michael’s burn notice. Fiona decides she can’t stay in Miami.

Fi enters Michael’s place. He’s looking at some pictures of Fiona. He brings up the moving. She says she’s going home (to Ireland). If he didn’t see this coming he hasn’t been paying attention. He’s too busy with himself to have time for a relationship between them. He says he’s doing this because the longer he waits the more danger everyone around him is in. She says he shouldn’t pretend this isn’t about everyone else, it’s about him.

Michael meets his agency contact. His file just landed on the deputy director’s desk. His contact is the liaison, he’s not doing the review. He dislikes Weston and hopes he’ll be permanently dismissed. But he does tell him to stay out of trouble.

Michael gets home to find Fiona pointing a gun at him. Realizing it’s him she puts it down and Fi introduces her brother. (He has to resume the cover id he was using when he last met Sean.) It turns out someone wants to kill Fi. She seems to lack suitable arms. Before she can even make the call “bloodthirsty hooligans” show up. Her brother wants to fight (surprise them with the numbers) but Michael insists they leave. Her brother recklessly shoots someone, giving away their position. (Fiona’s been keeping it a secret that Michael’s Irish because her family would be upset to find out that she’s working with an American spy.)

They go to Sam and Sean starts questioning him. The reason this guy is after her is that she was searching for her younger sister’s killers. O’Neil told her about a bombing he was going to do and she stopped the attack. Michael tells Sean and Fiona to stay put because they’re daces are known. Fiona says she’s not one of his clients so of course, the subtitle given to her is “the client.”

Michael meets Strickler and they discuss what they’re going to do. Strickler says the truth needs proper handling. He can’t just say whatever he wants, he will give him a particular “side of the story.”

There’s apparently very little on O’Neil. He has a big crew reputation but he’s freelancing. They’re at his mom’s house and a knock at the door reveals a real estate agent. His mom is selling the house! It seems everyone is making big changes.

They case a house just bought by one of O’Neil’s associates. He spots O’Neil and then sees that Fi is following him and O’Neil knows it. She thinks he’s alone. But when Sam tries to call, she doesn’t pick up. So Michael sends Sam’s girlfriend’s car off the roof of the parking garage to distract them. She gets away.

Michael yells at them. They admit that they screwed up. Michael says he’ll approach O’Neil undercover, as an American. He shows his American accent and Fiona’s brother thinks it’s a bit “dodgy.”

Michael sits down with O’Neil and plays a tape of Fi and Sean talking to say he could help find Fiona. He says he wants to have O’Neil do what he’s hired Fi to do once he kills her.

Strickler shows up at Michael’s with a script of what he does. There are lies. Michael says no. Strickler says this is about getting his job back no matter how. Michael then gets a call from Strickler saying he’s changed his mind.

Sean thanks Michael for being an honest man who is protecting his sister. He can’t lose another sister. When they meet O’Neil, the man tries to force Michael to tell him but Michael is prepared. Fi, Sean, and Sam are hidden and train lasers on O’Neil. Sean wants to take O’Neil out then but Fiona begs him not to because it’s too dangerous.

It turns out O’Neil wants to bring Fi back to Ireland where all her old enemies want to bid on her. She would raise his profile.

If you can replicate someone’s signature bomb you can make it look like they’ve been somewhere they weren’t. So they recreate O’Neil’s favorite bomb.

Michael talks to his mother, he’s clearly angry about her moving even though he hated the house. She saved a box of stuff for him that he agrees to go through. (It’s a cute but unnecessary moment.)

They talk about Fi going home. She’s nothing like the person she was when she left home. Her friends and family don’t know her. Before they can do anything Fiona is kidnapped. Michael isn’t killed (he’s told his has some high friends). Sean is bleeding out but doesn’t want to go to the cops because it would make it harder to find Fi. Michael realizes Strickler has some connections and goes to demand he tell him where Fiona was. Strickler says he helped him by saving him. (He got rid of Fiona because her reputation was hurting him in getting back.) Michael refuses to give up on Fiona and shoots Strickler. Sean is finally stable.

They go to the docks where Fi is being held. Inside O’Neil taunts Fiona while she is tied to a chair. She knows he’s auctioning her.

Sam says he’s freeing Fiona no matter what happens. Then they attack. He holds Fi to get her to the boat but she head butts him and dives into the water. O’Neil tries to follow her but his men insist he has to get to the boat. Which is just where Michael wanted. They call the coast guard to inform them that men with guns just got onto a boat.

Fiona’s in the water not moving and Michael pulls her out. She’s okay, just a bad wound on her arm.

At home, Maddie tells Michael she took the house off the market. Michael is clearly not ready to say goodbye. He hides his friends and clients.

Sean overhears Michael’s real name and says he always thought Michael was “one of them” and he knows he’s right. Michael was outed as an American, meaning he can’t return to Ireland and neither can Fi.

Michael gets a panicked call from his agency contact. the man is freaking out because now that Strickler’s dead someone has come to town to clean up the mess of all the things Strickler was involved in. Someone is following him. They’re not safe, they need to meet.

Michael goes but his contact is dead by the time he gets there.

“It’s not the enemy you see that gets you, it’s the one you don’t.” Michael is in trouble but he doesn’t even know from who…

Seriously, these story lines are run through so quickly on this show…

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