Ace of Cakes Fire Fighters and Fire Breathers

They discuss the fact that Pluto is no longer a planet. To pluto means to demote something.

Back to work in the cake shop. Katherine is making a groom’s cake for her brother–a car that he used to take are of despite it being a bad car. She adds private jokes all around making it really personal.

Meanwhile they’re also hired to do a cake for the international tunnel and tollway day. They wanted a 3 foot globe and a base with roads and signs. The globe is 32 inches across. We watch Duff doing a terrible job at math. Covering the globe is tough because of its size and shape. For some reason no one wants to work on it, but they do what they have to. But the board members love it.

There’s also a wedding cake that is supposed to have a dragon eating the classic cake. She wants people to think “it would have been such a nice wedding cake had the dragon not gotten to it. They wish they could make the dragon breath fire, but the insurance company said no. They add a touch of having the bride and groom’s upper halves in the dragon’s mouth holding hands. (The bride thinks it’s sweet. Right.) They like that the dragon looks so happy about ruining the wedding.

Additionally they are doing a cake for the firefighters challenge. Which is when firefighters race, the toughest two minutes ever. The cake is supposed to look like the course. Duff gets to go through it. They think he might need to be rescued. It’s a really complex cake with no specific person in charge. Everyone does different parts.

Katherine makes an actual wedding cake for her brother as well. It’s going to reflect her upbringing. The bride thinks it’s amazing. He also says the car is super accurate.

The tiny figurines on the firefighter cake are really cool. Everyone watches as he puts it together. Duff participates in the challenge. he got all the way to the dummy but couldn’t finish it. It’s so crazy because it doesn’t look so hard but you know it is with the suit and everything else.


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