Hell’s Kitchen Episode 4

Having watched seasons 4 & 5, I now appreciate the return of Robert. While I will say that he wasn’t THAT amazing (the way Ramsay maneuvered him to returned you’d have thought he was the messiah of all kitchens) but it’s still nice to see him back, healthier, and with a second chance. And also, it’s always nice to see the moments where Ramsay has a heart. He actually seems like he’d be a lot of fun outside the kitchen. 

Lovely thinks Ramsay was just using scare tactics to inspire her to do better. Suzanne is kind of upset that no one was going home. Tennille and Suzanne fight because Tennille doesn’t like that Suzanne said she’d be pissed if Tennille sunk them. 

Van blames Andy for the men almost losing. They just want to get the fools out.

Ramsay has noticed the tension on the two teams. In his kitchen teamwork is key so Tennille and Suzanne are partners. Van and Andy are partners. Does Ramsay have a spy? He finishes partnering everyone and tells Amanda to sit out. She’s upset because she’s stronger than Lovely. 

Scott and Heather bring in the meat for sausages. 6 inches is the perfect sausage. He wants each one perfectly done. The first team to fill their lines with 6 perfect ones wins. Notice theme of penises? Because it goes beyond just Van’s crude mouth.

The women seem to have no trouble. Dave is trying to do what he can regardless of his broken wrist. 

Suzanne and Tennille work quickly together and get the first sausage up. Kevin and Dave get one for the guys. Women get a second. And a third. Kevin’s getting concerned. (Ha, just realized they’re the gimp team.) Guys get a second. Only Robert and Jim have not produced a sausage. Women get a fourth. Men get a third. Men get a fourth to tie it. Tennille and Suzanne have produced the fifth. They put up a sixth but it’s not done properly (the first bad one so far) done by Ariel and Sabrina. They have another one to try…well done, ladies win. (Robert and Jim produced nothing and everyone’s mad at them, blaming them for the loss.)

Men’s punishment–cleaning the dorms. Women’s reward–private party. 

Kevin makes comments about Robert and Jim’s failure and Robert gets in his face, pissed off. He’s sick of being battered down, he’s had enough of that in his life. (If you haven’t watched season 5, we learn that Robert was put down by his father a lot and had a tough childhood.) The women party German style while the men clean. The place is known for its sausages. Tennille discovers that she likes sausage. Kevin comes to the conclusion that it was Jim, slow and mellow, who is to blame. Scott (the sous chef working for Ramsay) gives him a hard time and Robert once again goes off. “Last season I almost died for this place!”

Prep time. The women are all smiling and things seem to be going well. The men seem to be falling apart. (Jim says they have Dave’s wrist, Kevin’s ankles, and Robert’s obesity against them.) Dave gets a phone call about his wrist. He has a fracture and should get a long arm cast that will prevent him from moving his thumb. He’s crushed and doesn’t know what to do because he gave everything up for this one shot. He goes to talk with Ramsay. Dave says he’s still committed to the competition. How effective he’ll be is another question but Ramsay’s glad he’s back. 

For the dinner service, someone will be a greeter on each section. Ariel and Jim will be doing the greetings. (They do the welcome and then return to their section.) A bunch of celebrities show up to the restaurant including NFL player Dwight Freelie and singer Drew Lachey (red table). They give an amous bouche as an appetizer gift. Jim seems to be lagging. Tom Green is sitting at a blue table. Because Jim is so slow the men are falling behind. Ariel is fast, getting them set. 

Suzanne and Tennille are having difficulties again but Tennille still get risotto out. John O’Hurley thinks his pasta is too salty and sends it back. Tennille moves over to help and it’s much better. 

The blue kitchen is rushing to catch up. He gives a salad that Ramsay says is very nice. Melinda Clarke, at a blue table, is happy.

Red team is on to entrees. Lovely struggles. Sabrina steps in to help her. 

Blue team is still trying to catch up. Kevin cooks his fish perfectly but Andy’s stuff isn’t hot. His second attempt is also a failure and Robert is pissed. Blue team hits a standstill. Again he fails at the lamb. Robert is screaming and Ramsay yells at him for yelling. (Tom Green is being not funny while waiting for his food.)

Lovely seems to have no clue what’s going on. She can’t say what food has been ordered. 

Andy’s next attempt goes up and finally it’s good enough. Tom Green eats the lamb and pretends to choke.

Suzanne’s lamb is too thin and he tells her to go again. 

The blue team is having trouble communicating and coordinating things. “Headless idiots” Ramsay says. Dave returns and is assigned to desserts. They wonder how he’s going to do things. He’s moving faster than everyone despite his one hand.

Both teams have 45 tickets out. 3 tickets left for each and first to finish is the winner. Robert is determined. They each get one out.

Andy knows he’s on the chopping block so he’s determined to fix it. The women get out another order. The men get out another order.

One left for each. Tennille can almost taste the win. Scott points out raw chicken on the men’s side done by Andy. But the pasta for the women is bad too. It’s down to the side dishes. (My only issue with this is that each table orders different actual foods and amounts are ordered despite the same number of customers.)

Lovely is the reason they lost because of the vegetables. Suzanne asks for a play by play because she thought theirs was up. He talks her down and then says he was impressed by Sabrina so her job is to nominate two individuals for elimination. 

Lovely goes to Sabrina and says she did the best as she could but that Tek broke down (must have missed that). Sabrina says she dragged them throughout. She’ll be putting her up clearly. Second nominee is lovely for failing at her station. Ramsay has them step forward. This is Lovely’s third time being nominated. She’s too laid back. She says she was moving so fast he couldn’t see it. (Yeah…) Tek says she should stay because she loves food.

His decision is…SUZANNE! Wait, what? Oh, he’s calling her out for not being shy to give her opinion. He asks who she would send home. She says Lovely. And he agrees. 

Lovely removes her jacket and leaves. 

He warns Tek to be careful. 

Next dinner service something will change and it will be one of their most important service yet. What does that mean?

Suzanne thinks that Ramsay agreeing with her means she’s a threat to the others and they should be intimidated.

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