Cake Boss 4

It’s wedding season, they have 40-45 cakes for the weekend alone. Everyone has to be involved and organized. In addition he has a specialty cake for a guy who was nominated for man of the year. He has to make a roulette table sized cake. It should look real. (The wheel will even spin.)

Pound cake and a wheel will be used for the roulette wheel.

Someone comes in to pick up a cake for a mother’s birthday cake. Apparently there was no slip for it. Which means it wasn’t made. The slip is law. They have a specific system for the order, date, and delivery. It’s an old school system. They pull the cake out quickly despite the mess up.

The water is coming out brown so they can’t use it to make mixtures. But people do it anyway. And Buddy has to go downstairs to bust some heads. Buddy is PISSED and they get into a yelling match with everyone blaming someone else for disobeying.

All hands on deck for the roulette cake. Fondant for the numbers and chips. Paint the wheel to look like wood. (It actually looks like wood which is cool.) Downstairs the guys throw water at each other for getting each other in trouble. The brown water isn’t a problem anymore, they just had to change a valve.

Buddy has to work on tons of different cakes at once. He then goes to make a cake for a gay couple getting married. It’s inspired by an old theater–meaning red and gold.

Buddy holds a stack of slips and decides to start with a five tier cherry blossom cake. There’s a branch climbing its way up the cake and then they hand make edible flowers.

Back to the roulette cake. They lower the wheel into the base but it isn’t spinning. What should he do now?!?! They try to readjust things a bit to center the wheel and now it works. Almost done now. They just have to do the chips and number markers. Buddy personally delivers this cake. It’s a balancing act to get it down the stairs but finally they manage. He takes the biggest guys to the social club just in case people don’t like it. They’re really old school “are you lookin’ at me” types. The guys who ordered the cake think it looks great. (Is this a mafia group?) The boss who they made the cake for examines it, Buddy fears he will be unhappy, but he says it’s fantastic. Buddy is then welcomes like one of the family. Hmmm…

Stretch comes in to check the deliveries, coordinate the slips and deliveries. They nervously make deliveries but when Stretch shows up it seems the cake is for the next day. He gets yelled at for not double checking the slip.

Next he brings the wedding cake for the grooms. But it is not the correct cake. This wouldn’t be such a problem if he just read the slips! Buddy sees why the slip system could have flaws. So he found the correct cake and the grooms are happy.

They may not be the most organized system but everyone got their cakes, everyone’s happy, and Buddy didn’t get whacked.

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3 Responses to “Cake Boss 4”

  1. Sylvia Garza Says:

    I just started to watch your show and I think its great. I took cake decorating class at our local craft store and enjoyed every moment. I try my best and hope to get really good one day.I started Late in life but I’m happy diong it. I like the smiles I get from family and friends.

  2. Vivian Turnau Says:

    One year my son had to make a cake for a competition for a cub scout affair. We decided to make a cub scout hat replete with an insignia. These were the days before fancy colors for icings. So I used tempura paint to make a sassy blue cub. It was really good looking. My husband noticed that the other cub scout hats were winning prizes and none looked as good as ours, but then again, none was inedible…ours was.. Ours was also first prize. I couldn’t let anybody purchase it, knowing it had tempura paint on it. My husband had to purchase it for $20..Others bid against him, but he had to buy it so that no one would get poisoned. I promised my son’s friend who wanted the cake that I would make him another one similar to that one, but edible. What a memory. I’m glad Buddy has better colors to choose from than I had in those golden days.

  3. Vivian Turnau Says:

    I mean cub scout hat.

    Afterwards, I wrote about the adventure to my family and they howled themselves silly laughing about our cub scout hat that won first prize but that no one could eat. I just removed the icing and put on another creme icing and the chocolate cake underneath was perfect. It certainly gave us lots of laughs.

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