Make It Or Break It: The Cast

Ayla Kell– (born October 7, 1990) a relative newcomer to tv, the eighteen year old has been studying ballet for 14+ years at the Los Angeles Ballet Academy. (Because of her long years of ballet training, she says it is very easy to slip into Payson’s persona, as their lives are very similar.) Her acting credits include commercials, guest spots on shows like CSI, Weeds, and Malcolm in the Middle, and made for tv movies.

Interviews With Ayla Kell- (with TV Chick) and (done with Chelsea Hobbs)

Chelsea Hobbs– (Born February 18, 1985) This Canadian actress began dance lessons when she was three years old. Her lessons were supplemented with acting lessons at age seven. According to wikipedia, she has a daughter with her husband, photographer Teren Oddo, who she has been with since early 2004. Her appearances include commercials, guest spots on tv shows, and starring roles in multiple made for tv movies, including Snow Queen which earned her a Leo Award nomination.

Interviews with Chelsea Hobbs- (with TV Chick) and (done with Ayla Kell)

Chelsea’s Blog-

Josie Loren– (born March 19, 1987) Josie has some experience in gymnastics which allows her to do a small amount of her own stunt work. She, like her character Kaylie, always excelled at floor. She then became a cheerleader because it enabled her to use her floor tumbling skills. As a cheerleader she has been in televised competitions. She has guest starred in shows like Veronica Mars, Medium, and Hannah Montana as well as being in 17 Again (with Zac Efron) recently.

Interviews with Josie Loren- (, (together with Cassie Scerbo), (with Josie Loren on ABC Family), and (with tv chick)

Cassie Scerbo– (born March 30, 1990) Cassie has a dance and singing background. She won the 2001 Hip Hop World Championships. Her experience with acting that involves stunts includes Bring It On: In It To Win It, in which she performed her own stunts. On the show Dance Revolution she was part of the girl pop band Slumber Party Girls. She has three of her own singles. In addition to Make It Or Break It, Cassie has 3 movies coming out in 2009-2010.

Interviews with Cassie Scerbo- (with TV Chick), (together with Josie Loren), (with J-14), and (with Josie Loren on ABC Family)

Cassie Scerbo’s Official Site-

Mia Rose Frampton- (born March 1996) 13 year old daughter of musician Peter Frampton makes her acting debut as fun loving Becca Keeler on Make It Or Break It. Like her father, Mia is also a guitarist and songwriter.

Peri Gilpin– (born May 27, 1961) Best know for her 9 year role on Frasier (personally not a fan of the show), what you may not know about this born and raised Texan is that Peri is just a nickname. It’s short for Periwinkle. Yeah, you’ll have to ask her parents about that one. She’s been in numerous television shows (both as a guest star and a recurring cast member) as well as made for tv movies. This is her first regular television role since Frasier ended in 2004. She is married and has twins. Her return has brought Make It Or Break It a lot of attention.

Peri Gilpin Interview- (with Candace Cameron Bure for My Take On TV)

Candace Cameron Bure– (born April 6, 1976) Best known, of course, for her role as DJ Tanner in Full House, Candace is returning to the small screen after some time away. While she starred in some made for tv movies after Full House ended, this is her first time back on a show as a cast regular. She is happily married to NHL player Valerie Bure and together they have 3 children. Like her character on the show, Bure is a devout Christian and makes many church appearances.

Candace Cameron Bure Interview- (with Peri Gilpin for My Take On TV)

Candace Cameron Bure’s official website-

Anthony Stark– (born June 6, 1963) When I first saw his name my immediate thought was: Iron Man? But this Anthony Starke is not nearly so exciting. His career has mostly consisted of guest spots on various tv shows such as CSI, ER, Burn Notice, Cold Case, Prison Break, Angel, Charmed, etc. The show you may remember him best for is when he played Jimmy on Seinfeld. ( Certainly a far cry from Steve Tanner in Make It Or Break It.

Neil Jackson– (born March 5, 1976) Before taking up acting, he was an amateur boxing champion. Jackson’s had a number of small guest starring roles since he entered the acting world in 2002. He’s been on shows such as How I Met Your Mother, CSI, Blade: The Series, and Stargate: Atlantis. He was in Push (a movie I personally loved starring Dakota Fanning), Quantum of Solace, and Table for Three. not a huge name just yet, but considering that he’s tall (he’s 6’1″!), good looking, and British, here’s to hoping that we’ll seeing him around for more than just Sasha Belov in Make It Or Break It. (Or at least, we get to see him as Sasha for many years to come.)

Johnny Pacar– (Born June 6, 1981) This 28 year old, who plays Damon Young in the show, is a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene, only arriving in LA in 2001. already he has been in shows like Boston Public, American Dreams, and Flight 29 Down. He has also starred in Now You See… and Little Black Book. True to his on screen character, Pacar is an aspiring musician in a band called Fairlene.

Nicole Anderson– (Born August 29, 1990) She’s had a few small parts here or there but her first big role came on Disney’s JONAS where she plays the Jonas obsessed friend, Macy. Nicole was a competitive gymnast for ten years (three state championships and one national championship) so she fit easily into her role.

Other Cast Members To Come…

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14 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: The Cast”

  1. Malaika Says:

    You can see the girl who plays Lauren (Cassie Scerbo) dancing as a hip hop kid in this video. These kids are GOOD. She would have been only 13 at the time!!

  2. uyin Says:

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  3. Sarah Says:

    LOL-for some reason I cannot picture Ayla Kell in Weeds…I see you are a fan of the show too-I imagine she must have had a one episode stint when the show first started-I have been watching Weeds since day 1 and cannot remember her for the life of me-do you know when she was in it?

    And…let’s HOPE we can see Neil Jackson for many years to come on MIOBI or ANYWHERE else as a cast regular!! 😉

    • ax20 Says:

      I couldn’t figure out who Ayla Kell was in Weeds either so I went back to check. She’s in the first season, episode five. She plays Chelsea, one of the cool hot girls who are into Silas. So funny to see her play the popular girl. She looks like such a pipsqueak compared to now and gets to spout lines like “bummer.” (It was in 2005 so she was like 14-15.)

      Wow, good times looking at such an old episode, when Silas’s biggest issues were girls, Shane was still innocent, and Nancy wasn’t so imperturbable. Celia and Nancy are still friends (or at least Nancy “mostly” likes Celia). There’s also a mention of fleeing to Mexico here that makes me think this was some foreshadowing of current season craziness. I miss Aggrestic…

      • sarah Says:

        awesome!! thanks for the info!! I miss Agrestic as well and the theme song…I might just have to go and rent season 1-which I think was the best one. Plus it will be hilarious to see Ayla -too bad Nancy didn’t have some illegal cortisone as well…thanks again 🙂

  4. adm1ral99 Says:

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  5. Paula Says:

    why dont you start again to write these summaries about the show? i think that would be great because i love your opinion, its really close to mine!

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  9. Harper Smith Says:

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  10. Jeanie cannon Says:

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