10 Things Don’t Give Up

Kat apologizes to Patrick for stabbing him in the foot and going through his bag. Patrick says they should stay away from each other because his doctor says he’ll heal faster if he reduces the crazy in his life. He walks away leaving her talking to herself. “I’m not crazy…yes I’m talking to myself…it’s a sign of genius.”

Kat sees Bianca talking to a cheerleader who injured her foot. Bianca assures her she will heal by the game at the end of the week but when she’s gone she turns to Kat and says she might get to cheer finally because there’s no way she’ll be healed. Kat tells her the girl might need surgery and Bianca gets excited that she might be out an entire month!

Kat’s car dispels a cloud of smoke and Bianca points out that she’s a hypocrite, being an advocate for the environment and driving her car. Kat realizes she’s right. Mandela suggests she should concert her car into a pro-environmental car. Kat loves the idea, pro-environmentalist and fights against the stereotype that girls can’t fix cars.

Cameron comes to tell Bianca he’s not gay. She’s barely listening she spots Chastity and talks to her about being able to cheer. Chastity says she can’t help her. Bianca points out that it takes ten for a full pyramid, unless she wants to share the top. So Chastity makes a deal, if she helps raise Joey’s GPA so that he isn’t kicked off the football team, she can cheer on Friday.

Kat’s dad says if she ruins her car he won’t get her a new one. She’s downloaded a manual on the internet. (Her dead says “you can probably find a manual about delivering babies on the internet, doesn’t mean you can find your way around a uterus.” Well said if not so awkward to say to your daughter.)

Cameron and Michael discuss how he can up his sex appeal for Bianca (what is with ABC Family and the sex obsession?) He needs…a movie moment! Show up on Bianca’s doorstep wet and shirtless because it’s sexy. Michael insists that girls love this. He shouldn’t say anything he should just take her in his arms and kiss her.

Bianca sits down with Joey. She swapped lab partners so she can work with him. Chastity warned that he’s easily distracted and sure enough she can’t get through a sentence about the project before he asks about snacks.

Kat shows up in auto shop where the teacher makes fun of her and tells her to try not to break a nail. She begins by being unable to open the trunk. A guy says he won’t fall for her pretending to be a week girl so that he does everything for her. She’s not interested. Sketchy boy from the bathroom comes up to her. Apparently he didn’t catch the hint. She kicks someone under a car to ask for a crowbar and it’s…Patrick of course. Neither one looks pleased.

Bianca and Joey are working. Joey’s distracted by the carrots. She says he needs good grades to get into college. Joey says he wants to be a model and no one gets it. She says she does she has a dream book that plans her life for the next 20 years. I think she’s crazy…

The guys bet that Kat will quit by the end of the day. She comes and bets on herself. She goes up to Patrick and says she didn’t know he was in the class. He ignores her so she kicks the car, spilling oil all over him. He takes his shirt off and she’s momentarily dumbstruck.

Chastity calls to remind her to keep Joey focused. She spills on Joey and he takes off his shirt. But Cameron shows up shirtless and sees Joey. (I’m noticing a theme here…) He’s intimidated and tells Joey not to say anything to anyone. Bianca’s dad comes in and sees him shirtless so he kicks Joey out. Bianca runs in and apologizes for her father’s “MANopause.” So she gives him one of her pink shirts. He leans in and it looks like he’s about to kiss her, but really he’s just noticing her big forehead which agencies like nowadays.

The guys keep telling Kat to quit. She refuses and is still in the shop late at night. Her dad comes in. She says he was right, she can’t do it. She wants to be able to do it, she’s not a damsel in distress. He says she’s the most stubborn person he knows, sometimes it’s okay to ask for help. They’ll go home and call a mechanic. She says no, she’s won’t let the guys win the bet. Her dad says he’ll help. (He doesn’t seem much better as he starts reading the manual upside down.)

Cameron’s upset about his failure. Michael tells him to retreat. Cameron says he can’t. Michael tells him to do aversion therapy he should snap a rubber band on his wrist whenever he thinks of her. Joey quits football because she said to protect his face since it’s his moneymaker. Chastity is pissed and says Bianca had better fix it or else.

Bianca finds Joey. He made a dream book just like her. (He has backne. TMI.) She tries to talk him out of modeling but she doesn’t want to hurt him so instead she says he should be a football player because David Beckham’s modeling career starting by him being a soccer star. (He even has a fragrance, which is how Joey measures supermodeldom.) Joey runs to rejoin the team.

The guys come in to discover that Kat managed to finish her car without “breaking a nail.” Sketcy boy says he thinks he loves her for real. She prays that it starts and sure enough it does. She demands her money for winning the bet. Patrick admits he’s impressed. She says now they can really keep their distance.

Bianca is getting to cheer and she asks Cameron if he will be there. He says of course. Then he tells Michael he doesn’t want to give up, he wants to be the guy in the movie who keeps trying until he gets the girl.

Episode 4 Episode 6
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One Response to “10 Things Don’t Give Up”

  1. Malaika Says:

    what the heck is with everyone taking their shirt off in this episode?!? i’m not following the ratings, but i’d guess maybe they’re trying to boost viewership or something. there is no good reason to have 3 shirtless guys in one episode. they can spread it out. especially when the guy playing cameron has nothing to show off. who by the way, is ridiculously tall. when everyone thinks he’s gay in the end of the previous episode he is just TOWERING over everyone else, they look like children compared to him.
    that is all.

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