Defying Gravity Natural Selection

I’m hoping for a better showing from this second episode, especially in the names department, but we’ll see.

Open on Donner having the weird dream of Zoe again. But wait, is she having the same nightmare? (PS this dream totally romanticizes what it would look like should someone be in actual space.) They both come out to shower at the same time and Donner, trying to be a gentleman, tells her to go first because she looks like she has a need. One of the foreign women (Nadia I think it said on IMDB) sees him and kisses him “so glad you’ve joined us.”

Crew meeting. Shaw talks assignments. Shaw basically wants to smooth over the “we’re the new guys” stuff now so it won’t affect them. No one really seems to care. Evram wants them to stare into space a bit to appreciate what’s going on. Cue another voiceover.

Back on earth, they’re talking about why two astronauts were pulled off at the last minute. Will they be joining the team on the floor? AJ says he hopes so, Mike says after a little R&R and life adjustment.

We see the ship on screen again. Paula is the hostess talking everyone through what’s going on. Jen says hi to her husband. No one seems bothered by the camera (whereas in Virtuality it was something that brought contention between the crew).

Flashback to training- pass/fail swim test. Jen and Zoe discuss the whole abortion thing. The sooner she does it the better she’ll feel mind and body. The genius porn guy says he’ll sink. They show Evram has war wound huge scars on his back.

(I had a moment of forgetfulness here so shame on me, but Donner thought he had a vasectomy and to his surprise he isn’t sterile, Donner and Zoe flirted during training, and Zoe becomes pregnant by a guy who said he had a vasectomy. Obviously she’s pregnant by Donner.)

Paula is clearly anti-abortion. Zoe and Jen discuss it being weird that Donner and shaw are there.

AJ and Rollie do physicals. Rollie wants to go back on floor to help. He’s ready now he says. He asks why “it waited so long to reject them.” Shaw’s wife says all they can do is follow its lead. AJ won’t be able to continue working because he won’t pass a psych eval.

Zoe still hears baby cries. She goes with Donner to do some tests on a flight suit.

Flashback. Donner thinks Zoe must have failed her eligibility test because she’s had four drinks alone. (If she failed then Donner can sleep with her.) Zoe talks to herself with Donner listening in (apparently its gender blind bathrooms in the future–oh it’s not he’s not supposed to be there. Nevermind). Zoe’s mom calls (overly involved, slightly strange). So maybe he’s not the father since she’s already pregnant and he’s still flirting with her. I think, it’s hard to follow the exact time frame of this a little.

Rollie’s back on and he’s not allowed to say that AJ isn’t allowed to help on floor. They’re testing the Venus suit to make sure there are no problems later.

Shaw talks to his wife, Eve. She’s supposed to be the expert on Beta (the mysterious thing that we don’t know anything about other than that it seems to be in charge of everything). He has to visit pod 4 (where Beta is?) maybe it will give him an answer.

Rollie talks to Jen. She says she wants to have a baby with him. “Plenty of time when she gets back.”

Nadia asks genius porn guy why he’s on the mission. He doesn’t know because he thinks he should have failed.

Flashback to training. Nadia is having no trouble with treading water (with no hands) for 20 minutes.

AJ knows his actions were bad, but he understands that it was wrong and he’s okay now. They know he’s sane but as Eve says, that won’t get him anywhere.

The test so far goes well. She looks like the pillsbury doughboy. She hears the baby crying again. No one else hears so she pretends it’s nothing. Donner tethers her to the ship even though the hatch isn’t opening because “airlocks make me nervous” (aka his dream, in which she’s naked). While in the suit she remembers the dream she and Donner shared. And the air lock actually opens and she’s blown out. But she’s tethered so all should be well. Donner’s getting suited up.

Flashback. They’re betting that Donner won’t win Zoe over and sure enough he doesn’t. She goes out to the bus stop and Donner follows her to bring her back her debit card. Leading to their sex. Ok, so she isn’t pregnant yet…then why is she drinking and upset that she screwed her program. Wass (porn guy) struggles in the water and when Zoe tries to save him he nearly drowns them both.

Zoe’s suit has a leak, problematic since she’s already in space…Donner says she’ll be fine. She looks pretty out of it.

Back to the pool. Wass and Zoe both look unconscious. Donner jumps in to save her but she doesn’t need it. She was pretending to do it so he’d get week enough for her to save him. Jen realizes Donner’s the one Zoe slept with.

Back to after they slept together. She thinks she screwed her psych eval test. That’s why she was so upset. He thought she was a civilian, not an astronaut. She thinks he knew she’d never make it into the program. She gets a call. She looks stunned and upset. No that’s not it. She’s in!

Donner enters the airlock, secures the inner hatch. Zoe’s pressure is low. He seems to be doing nothing and finally starts to pull her back in. (She’s kind of high seeming–“weeee” her speech is slurring, time to worry about the bends.) Evram goes to set up the hyperbaric chamber while Donner picks up the pace. Zoe says she feels like she’s been “here” with Donner many times before. He tells her to conserve her air and shut up. She only has 3 minutes of air, not enough time. Wass has an idea- she has to spit into her suit, that way the spit will find the leak and temporarily plug it. She finally obeys and it seems to be working. Yay Wass who shouldn’t have even been on the trip. (Eve says “there is a reason he’s on this mission.”)

More voiceover leads to Donner being a good athlete and becoming arrogant. He gets Zoe back inside.

Eve tells Mike she wants Wass passed even though he should fail. AJ gets the news that he can’t be on the floor.

They don’t know why the hatch blew but ti wasn’t Zoe. (We get the sense that Beta blew the hatch so that they could catch the suit leak now instead of on Venus when it was too late.)

Shaw goes to Pod 4. It’s a desert?

Well, I will say the show is somewhat more interesting than the first episode, but it still has some issues. Many of the cast are still flat and have not been introduced well. Paula, Nadia, Evram, etc are on the crew, they can’t just be background randoms the whole time. The cutting between flashback and present are confusing because the flashbacks are all from different times but we rarely know enough to tell when they actually are, making it hard to put the information together. (Maybe they’re trying to keep you guessing, I just find it annoying.) This whole Beta thing seems weird. It’s like God or something…I don’t even have a sense of the actual ship, size, space, stations…Ultimately, I’ll keep watching and see how it goes. (It’s not like there’s so much on tv in the summer anyway.)

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