So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 Results

The opening dance is to the song “Send in the Clowns” so the dancers, dressed in clown wear, climb out of a gift box. It’s bizarre becayse they look like clowns but the music is slow and soft, so un-clown-like. Still goof though. It kind of reminded me of Toy Story a little, the way they went away at the end. This one was choreographed by Tyce, as always, great.

Cat names all the favorites from past seasons who are back–the four Emmy nominated dances. Can’t wait for that. I like that the results shows have finally got some serious dances. We run through the dances from Wed and it seems only Kayla and Brandon hit both dances perfectly, the other two pairs were great on one and struggled on the other.

Top 3 girls are on stage. Starting with Jeanine–beautiful and confident, save from eviction. Melissa–adaptable, tough routine that wasn’t a standout. Kayla–beyond amazing, Nigel jumping out of his seat. The first going into next week’s finale is…Jeanine! (the judges are on their feet clapping, her brother’s in the audience screaming.) Lil C says she’s a worthy finalist. He rambles a little about survival.

“Silence” by Tyce being performed by Jessica and Will, the Emmy award nominated piece. It’s weird to watch old competitors return because on the one hand they’re still great dancers but on the other, they aren’t in the same mindset or with the same chemistry.

Top 3 guys. Ade–lukewarm, praiseworthy dirty groove.  Evan–brought personality, expected more. Brandon–hot tamale, sensational. Sending one through right now: Brandon! (no shock there.) I think Mary’s tagline should be “Holy smokes.” Mary points out that Mia and Lil C didn’t really believe in him in the beginning and that they’re crazy. He’s proven himself every week.

Another favorite routine–“Mercy” by Mia Michaels performed by Twitch and Katie. The door routine. Mia’s third emmy routine.  Once again, great performance but still lacking the sharpness and chemistry of the original. But they were definitely some of my favorites so I’m glad to see them back.

From Dmetrie’s “A Los Amigos” by Chelsea and Joshua. Chelsea was also one of my favorites. To be honest I don’t remember this dance, but it’s cool that Dmetrie was a contestant turned choreographer who earned an Emmy nominee.(Most of the contestant’s solos always seem to be lacking so either they’ve all learned a lot since doing the show or it’s just easier to choreograph for more than one person, because so far the ones who’ve returned to choreograph have done great.)

Solos by the bottom 4. First up is Melissa. Eh it’s basically the same as last night, interesting for ballet just because it’s not there you expect ballet to be. Then comes Ade, pulling out some big moves. His button up shirt is so off with the performance.

The first to win America’s Best Dance Crew: the Jabberwackies.  It’s a very interesting performance. As much bizarre as anything else, but certainly fun to watch.

Every time I watch this show I’m reminded about why I want to get the theme song as my ring tone.

Chelsea and Mark performing “Bleeding Love” by Tabitha and Napoleon. This was definitely one of my favorite dances last year.  I think this one was the best performed of the returned performances.

Now back to the four in danger. Kayla’s solo: pretty standard Kayla solo, who Cat calls White Lightning. Evan’s turn he does the one from last night, which I think is one of the better solos even though I don’t think he should be top top 4.

“So Fine” by Sean Paul for the final guest of the evening. The back dancers are whatever you kind of wish they weren’t the ones getting paid to dance. You also wish they had different outfits.

For the rest of the results: from the girls, after the biggest vote of the season, the last girl is Kayla. (no surprise) We get to see a little montage of Melissa’s best moments. From the guys,  Nigel says first that there are no losers on the show, anyon makes it into the top 20 is a winner. The contestant moving on to next week’s finale is Evan. (not really surprising either, it is America’s Favorite Dancer, not America’s Best.) Montage of Ade, the gentle giant, now.


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