Hell’s Kitchen Episode 3

Still up for nomination: Lovely and Tenille, Tony and Andy with Joseph wanting to step outside.

Joseph gets in his face and Ramsay tells him to get out. Joseph does with more cursing. He doesn’t need someone to talk to him like that. He smokes outside, cursing at the cameras. (Not the excitement we were promised but okay.)

All four step forward. Lovely thinks she should stay because she has the drive, the passion, and strength. Tennille says she really fucked up with the one shrimp but she’s a phenomenal chef and needs the chance to prove it. Andy says he can do better. Tony says he loves to cook and make things taste good, he wants to learn a lot. Ramsay has made his decision. The person leaving is…Tony. (I want Lovely to leave, after the last two weeks, oh well.)

Robert is then shifted to the men’s team since they are down mroe people now.

The contestants are all shocked by Joseph’s behavior. Theyare all glad to have seen it. The women say goodbye to Robert.

At 2:05 they are sleeping only for an alarm to go off. Fire trucks pull in. The building/restaurant is evacuated. Ramsay reveals that it was just a drill. Challenge time. He wants them to learn from the friement who do teamwork and communication. They are to serve pasta meals to the firefighters. The team that serves it first wins.

The women divy up the stations. They are desperate to win. Garlic bread goes out first. Lovely can’t seem to speak and they all wait for the garlic bread. Andy is in charge on the men’s side. Lovely is using five ovens while Andy is only using two. Ariel steps in to get the garlic bread out. The fire fighters cheer. The pasta is ready but the garlic bread isn’t on the men’s side. The guys are all yelling at each other. Andy is freaking out with all the pressure.

The red team has moves on to the pasta entres. The fire fighters are enjoying the meatballs. The blue team is still waiting on the garlic bread and finally get it. Ramsay demands more chicken from the women’s side. Six tables for the blue left, 4 for the red.

But the women, who seem to be winning have served an undercooked meatball, which is Tek’s fault.

They’re both on their last tables and…the women have won. As the winners they get a day of luxury at a spa ahead of them. One problem it’s far away, so they will be traveling by helicopter. Their award wins. The guys will meanwhile have to clean the fire fighters’ trucks and equipments. Then the dining room.

Dave gets his hand stuck and it swells up but he hides it. The women enjoy the spa. The men move inside and Kevin twists his ankles. They swell up and in comes the medic. Dave asks for an ice pack because his hand is swollen and he can’t feel the tips of his figners.  Both are taken for x-rays. Dave tore and fractured something. He says he’s fine to work. Kevin stretched one ligament and sprained the other. The guys are concerned about their top chefs being slowed down.

Dinner Service 3. One member of each team gets to be a waiter. Blue team waiter is Dave by his volunteer so as not to hold them back in the kitchen. Ramsay picks Lovely. (She keeps getting taken out of the kitchen…why is she still around?) He needs them to succeed.

Van has taken it upon himself to set the pace. Robert says he’s a thug. Ramsay wants him to stop shouting. But his risotto is delicious.  A good start. Suzanne already takes issue with what she’s doing, saying there’s too much oil. Tennille ignores her and then of course, Ramsay comes along and says the same thing. Robert nearly falls over and he has to deliver tthe scallop. Andy puts them all in one pan, it’s too many, so Robert is upset. He should have put them in two. Robert starts over. Ariel and Sabrina have done a good job but Tennille is still taking a lot time, he’s unhappy with them. Suzanne continues to say there’s too much oil, but Tennille continues to ignore her. They all ask her how long she needs. (Scallops seem to be the kiss of death in the kitchen.) Van and Robert have served almost all the appetizers but Tennille has stalled the women. She finally delivers them.  The women quickly catch up. But the men move to entres. Lovely is having a difficulty because she messed up the tickets. Ramsay starts to yell “verbally spank her.”

Amanda is having a hard time at math. 3×3=9 she says. Sure enough, she’s delivered too few. Amanda struggles to get more lamb. Kevin is running around despite his ankles. No one else can seem to keep up. He manages to make perfect lamb. They have only four tables left. Ariel leads them through. The men get to the last ticket while the women aren’t finished with their appetizers. They forget the salmon and have to catch up. The women are almost finished with two tables left. Last ticket for both…The women finished…just as the guys finish preparing their last dish. Robert is at fault for forgetting the salmon.

Ramsay says though they finished the tickets that doesn’t mean they are satisfied. Red diners rated their experience 81% above average. Blue diners rated it 83% so the red team ultimately loses.

He commends Ariel for being assertive and caring for her team. The Ariel must now choose who to kick out. She has to decide who she thinks is the strongest for her. It seems to be between Lovely, Amanda, and Tennille. Ariel nominates Lovely for her lack of experience and Tennille because she is a weakness on their team. Same as last week.

Tennille thinks she should stay because she’s one of the strongest but was demoralized because her team wasn’t behind her. Lovely says she should stay because despite taking 45 minutes to serve, all of her customers were satisfied and she’s maintained her composure. She has the passion to remain. Ramsay doesn’t think either of the two can win and he decides that Lovely will remain a little longer. Tennille is called over where he says “wake up!” and tells her to get back in line. So no one is going home this week (because Joseph took himself out).

Ramsay’s parting words: “I’m nobody’s bitch.”

Amanda continues to struggle with her math but Ramsay says his plans for Tennille and Lovely will send them running for the door.

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