Hell’s Kitchen Episode 2

Side note: who loves it when Hulu offers the option to do a single long commercial before a show instead of commercial breaks? I do! Not only is it shorter, it’s less annoying.

Robert plans to lead his team to victory or die trying. The guys are upset about losing him.Robert has all this information and experience. The girls are thrilled.

Ramsay offers some encouragement: you were cooking like idiots.

The next challenge is working with shrimp. They must clean it to his standards. (Yuck.) Joseph says this is an entry level challenge. He tells Lovely she must sit out the challenge because the women have too many people. Theres’ a shrimp bucket that he thinks isnt enough and shrimp literally rains down from above. They have to do as much as possible in ten minutes. Lovely talks to her and seems to be distracting her. Both teams think that the other team doesn’t know what they’re doing.


Sabrina gets 7 for the women. Amanda gets 9. Tek gets 7. Ariel gets 6. Totaling 29. Tennille misses the shrimps’ sacks in all of them. She gets 1 shrimp total. Suzanne gets 10. Robert is very confident but seems to have missed on his so far and gets 4. Totaling 44 for the women.

Andy goes first for the men and gets 7. Van gets 9. Tony gets Joseph gets 5. Dave gets 4. Kevin 9. Jim just needs 2 to win. Can he manage?  He ties it. And…the next two are lost. Last one…the men win!

The women’s job is to served shrimp cocktails for the entire dining room.  They must also segment the lemons. The men go out for lunch on a yacht.

Tennille screwed up. Robert wants a break and Tennile yells at him to get it done. Lovely wonders if they will get to eat done. JosepJoseph shows himself to be disrespectful and hotheaded.

Suzanne’s still upset at Tennille’s poor performance. Robert takes charge asa they prepare for the second dinner service. The men’s team seems to be having some disagreements.

Van is assigned tablesides. Tennille is given the same challenge. Tony seems to be struggling with how to segment a grapefruit because he keeps forgetting to do it over a bowl.

Time to open, the guests arrive. Van has been asking Ramsay for too much. They must coordinate with the people on the floor to make sure the food was brought out at once. Tony fired the scallops too early because he got overexcited. Lovely has been having issues, she forgot to turn the gas on (wasn’t that one of the rules), she blames Tek for her mistake. Ramsay says the scallops are raw inside. Van yells at Tony in front of the customers. The first appetizers leave the blue kitchen thanks to Kevin stepping up. Robert thinks he’s close to perfection and Ramsay points out he’s burning things. Ramsay tells him he’s doing terrible so far. Suzanne tells him to relax. Van gets some words of advice but he doesn’t listen.

The red team serves slightly raw shrimp to a pregnant woman.Van’s customers seemed to be enjoying until he drops the shrimp pana couple times. The women he’s serving are laughing. Van refuses to listen to JP. Ramsay intervenes and tells Van to listen to him. Ramsay calls them all together because Tennille is behind. 1.5 hours in, the team has fallen behind. Meanwhile the blue team moves ahead. Andy forgot to check the temperature of the chicken, leading him to cook it improperly. Ramsay checks on the women’s chicken, they need one minute. When they finally serve it, it’s raw. (They ignore Suzanne when she says it must be recooked.)

Tony forgets to season the fish so Kevin just took it from him. Lovely brings up raw fish. I’m beginning to wonder if any of them know how to cook food since all of it seems to be raw. Lovely then burns the seabass. Kevin is being too careful and undercooks his. All the men stepped in, leading to too many chefs in the kitchen.

Sabrina then burns the chicken. Ramsay’s about to do something he’s never done before…he tells them to just make shrimp cocktails so he can serve something to the hungry customers. He tells them to just send out cold things instead of cooking things. Ramsay then calls everyone in. (Tony says Ramsay might blow them all away.) He tells them to shut down the kitchen. Night 2 was worse than Night 1.

Both teams must come up with two names for elimination. Neither team has won. Tennille says she doesn’t want to suggest names and says she did a fantastic job. Robert points out that she served raw fish to a pregnant woman.

Tony steps up and says he should be nominated. He thinks Andy should also step up, though Andy disagrees.

Suzanne once again leads the elimination discussion. Lovely pretends that her fish wasn’t raw and then burnt. She then points to Sabrina for serving raw chicken. (On the one hand I agree with everything Suzanne has been saying but at the same time I kind of want to tell her to stop trying to run everything. It’s going to get her into trouble in the long run since nominations are done by the team and if you piss everyone off they might just pick you next.)

The guys mention Van’s name for bringing up his fighting with JP. They worry about his temper and the way he attacks his teammates.

Elimination time:

Women nominate Tennille for the raw fish and Lovely for overall performance and experience.

Men nominate Tony and Andy for their problems with the fish and chicken. Joseph doesn’t do what Ramsay’s asking him. He keeps not answering the question so finally Ramsay yells at him.  Joseph then mouths off to Ramsay. “He’s not no bitch!” The red teams tells him to show respect but he continues to tell everyone to shut up. Joseph pulls off his jacket and tells Ramsay to step outside. (You can’t help but wonder what is going on in his mind here, how could this possibly be beneficial for you?)


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