Cake Boss 3

I found another episode up on TLC (I guess it’s official, I do like the show now).

Luis comes to Buddy every year for a huge birthday cake. This year the theme is Tikis and he wants the cake to be a huge tiki that sprouts fire to match the crazy party itself. Buddy proves innovative and finds a way to create a huge mask with an open math that a fire breather can stand behind and breath fire through for the party’s finale.

At the same time, his cousin Vinny shows up at the Bakery needing a cake for his bridal shower. The cake is going to look like three tiers of luggage, their most popular cake.

Buddy checks in on the Tiki cake to find that the icing process if going slowly. Buddy is annoyed and says it should be the easiest part, he could do it better blindfolded. Which of course means he has to do it. Loser has to wear a grass skirt and coconut bra and stand outside and give out cupcakes outside the bakery. Sure enough, he does it perfectly. I am actually very impressed. Not so excited to see the tiki outfit. (In solidarity they all wear leis.)

They get back to work on the luggage cake and in comes his wife and mother in law. His mother in law decides she does not like it. She wants a jewelry box. The theme is jewelry. Luckily they didn’t get very far so they can still use the tiers. One of the decorators makes mannequin style jewelry stands that look beautiful (she went to an art school and always enjoyed working with clay so this job is great for her). They add jewels and necklaces, a shoe and purse, and put together it looks great.

The tiki case involves some screws and wood. Buddy is worried that the tiki head will fall off. Once they put it all together they want to test it to make sure nothing will melt. Test one goes well, no unexpected fires or destruction.

They deliver the cake and with the fire breather in place, the cake looks amazing.

Then, at the bridal shower, they deliver that cake and everyone loves that one as well. And to answer my question of if it tastes good, the bride to be takes a bite and says it’s great.

More Cake Boss.


One Response to “Cake Boss 3”

  1. Marielaina LaRosa Says:

    Love the Jewelry Box Cake. Already told my Husband that I want it for my 40th Bday in June 10′ !!!!!!!! You guys are fantastic ~ Love the show!!! Keep it up!!!!!!

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