Ten Things Don’t Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation

To prove that she’s a “bad girl” Bianca tries to convince Chastity that she uses her good luck stuffed cat to smuggle drugs. Kat tells her that freaking out about this is ridiculous, but Bianca wants to do something drastic (hair color, piercings, something).

While talking to Mandela, Katis distracted by Patrick who litters. She yells at him to pick it up but he ignores her so she hands it back to him. She kicks the entire garbage can over on him and everyone gasps in shock. (He does not look scary enough tohave such a bad boy reputation.)

Michael has Cameron wear a scarf around his neck to attract Bianca’s attention.

Bianca asks Chastity if she can lie and say she’s at her house because she’s dating an older guy who is either 26 or 31. She asks Chastity not to tell, which of course means she will tell everyone. (We see a cute teacher named Mr. Ross and I have this feeling that the rumor is going to become that Bianca’s seeing him.) Some girls stare at Mr. Ross and ask him some random math questions. Then Mr. Ross asks her to stay behind to discuss the page she skipped on her test and Chastity sees. Sure enough, the rumor that they are dating is spread.

Pat gets detention to clean up garbage, because it’s obviously his fault. Kat starts to go and then tries to get him a lighter sentence by saying she kicked the trash can over. As a result, she gets detention too. Pat leaves his bag behind and Mandela decides to go through it. Kat protests it’s an invasion of privacy, but she succumbs.

Chastity says she covered for Bianca and Mr. Ross. Bianca’s surprised at the news. Chastity says she’s sorry about not being trusted. Bianca hurries to say she didn’t mean to and therefore admits to the relationship. Bianca pretends to deny it and then gives in. Bianca is called to the principal’s office.

Kat returns Pat’s backpack and he asks if she peaked. She denies it. “My haz-mat suit was at the cleaners.” While they are cleaning up the garbage Pat says he’s figured out that Kat likes him. “Cause who wouldn’t love to spend time with the sweet scent of garbage?” she retorts. She picks up a half-eaten hot dog and he asks how much she would pay him to eat it. She takes it away, saying no wonder he has acid reflux, revealing that she did, in fact, search his bag. While trying to deny it, Kat accidentally sticks his foot with the poking stick. He screams like a girl (how not rebel boy like).

They ask Bianca what her relationship is with Mr. Ross. She says they’re not having an affair of any kind. She runs to Cameron for help, explaining that she made it up. While being hauled off by the police it is revealed that he was in fact seeing a different student. Bianca is so glad to have met Cameron for all his help. He’s her first GBF–Gay Best Friend! Haha, I actually didn’t see that one coming (though I don’t know how I could have missed it).

While Patrick bandages his foot, Kat sits at his side. When he’s called into the nurse’s office he looks through his bag for something and asks Kat where it is. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about but he doesn’t believe her and storms away. Kat and Mandela search the room for what he lost and Kat find a small picture key chain of some sort. Kat returns it to him and they don’t say anything. Nice moment of someone littering, seeing Kat stare at him, and he runs to clean it up.

Episode 3 Episode 5
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