So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 Results

Show starts off with the top 8 performing Mia Michaels routine to the song “One”. It was really cool (though one contestant who I couldn’t identify who had a slightly overly happy smile.

It’s episode 100 be prepared to be crazy. (No Ellen on the panel though sadly.) Mary loves to bring up her Botox. Trust me Mary, we can all tell, you don’t have to remind us. After the judges each tell us what a big deal the show has been for them, we get a montage of (mostly the best and some of the worst–including Sex) the show’s performances. It goes on for a very long time but it’s so well edited you can’t help but feel good watching it.

As we start reading the results, Melissa is up first and you can see that she expects to be in the bottom. Is she in danger? No. She looks shocked. But after the cancer dance, I’m not surprised. Kayla is next and despite being the epitome of a girl, Kayla is performing a solo. With Jeanine and Jeanette left…Jeanette has never been in the bottom, is she there tonight? Yes. (Shocked gasps from the crowd.) I haven’t even got a clue about who will go between the two of them. I think I like Kayla a little better even though she kind of reminds me of Paris Hilton.

Special performance- Hok and Jayme perform Wade Robson’s the Hummingbird and the Flower. This is definitely one of my favorite dances on the show, it’s nominated for an Emmy. (The music reminds me that violins are really cool sounding.) I don’t know that they performed it as well as when they were on the show, but Hok definitely makes the routine for me. He just hits that bird persona so well.

As for the guys’ bottom two. Ade vs Jason I’m guessing Jason is in danger, once again because of the cancer dance and sure enough he is, to the sad sighs of the girls. I thought he really stepped it up this week though. Evan vs Brandon, I can’t imagine Brandon in the bottom. Oh, but I am wrong, Brandon is in the bottom two–I feel shock and lack of trust in America. I think it will probably be Jason going home.

Mia Michael’s bench routine performed by Travis and Heidi- also an Emmy nominated routine, they are really strong with this performance.

Kayla’s solo- once again, not such a fan of her solo, it’s like she can’t quite decide how to do it well

Jason’s solo- pretty good (Cat says she loves seeing his solos because they’re brilliant)

Jeanette’s solo- I still think she’s at a disadvantage here

Brandon’s solo- again he pulls out some really big moves, though he occasionally looks oddly feminine

Ramalama performed by a group of old SYTYCD dancers and the choreographer Wade Robson. Somehow I missed this routine when it originally aired (I think I was out of the country), but I’m glad I get to see it now. It reminds me of Pirates (captain sparrow and the immortal pirates).

Katie Holmes sings and dances in her special appearance. I’m not sure how I feel about this. In part I think it’s seeing her in sexy clothes when I still think of her as Joey from Dawson’s Creek. The problem is also that she’s just not as good a fancer as the contestants and the steps are pretty simple. I also wonder about the singing and whether it’s live. Supposedly it is, but I’m just not sure. When she bows at the end she wears an arrogant version of the one sided “Joey smile.” (They are promoting the Dizzy Feet Foundation, meant to expose kids to music and dance and give talented kids scholarships.)

With the show winding down it’s time to do eliminations.

Starting with the girls…the girl leaving us tonight is Jeanette. There is an obviously shocked and disappointed silence in the room as though everyone was unsure of how to react. Nigel says she was his favorite and he wanted her to win (and its ruined the celebration for him, he thinks America has got it wrong).

And now to the boys…the boy leaving us tonight is Jason, as expected, though I really liked him.


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