Gossip Girl

Anyone who doesn’t know about Gossip Girl has lived under a rock for the last few years, but for those who have been in a third world country or something a quick summary:

The show, based of the teen book series of the same name, follows Manhattan’s elite (and a couple not-so-elite) teenagers in the Upper East Side. The gimmick of this show/book is the narration by the mysterious Gossip Girl (Kristen Bell) who knows everyone’s secrets and exposes them to the high school (and soon to be college) population. The nagging question, of course, is who is Gossip Girl? The characters of the show wonder this same thing and have tried, unsuccessfully to solve the case. (Though you may stare at the screen hoping for a glimpse of Kristen Bell in the background or something, she isn’t present.) In truth, it’s not important who she is only that she spreads gossip sent to her by the student body, which explains how she seems to be omnipotent.

The main players-

  • Serena Van Der Woodson, the it girl who is kind of over the party scene but can’t seem to escape it or her wild past.
  • Blair Waldorf, the controlling queen bee (self-designated when Serena disappeared for a while) who is desperate to have a perfect life. Unfortunately for her, these two aspects of her personality conflict and tend to ruin everything.
  • Chuck Bass, the playboy who started out as probably the least likable character on the show but has grown to be more well-rounded and relate-able. (I still can’t get over the whole trying to rape Jenny thing and I don’t understand why it went undiscussed for so long.)
  • Nate Archibald, the star whose life has come crashing down and has a good heart even if he does sometimes do things he shouldn’t have. he does try to escape his rich boy life sometimes, though often falls back into the do what you want lifestyle.
  • Dan Humphrey, the poor kid who is too smart for everyone and thinks himself above it all (while really involved in the chaos)
  • Jenny Humphrey, Dan’s stubborn sister, she started out as desperate to fit in with the cool crowd and when that didn’t work she threw a tantrum and tried to make herself stand out (can she maintain her hold as the new queen bee?)
  • Vanessa Abrams, Dan’s friend from Brooklyn, she’s the creative type who is all about causes and standing out, she also thinks she’s too cool for the rich crowd but with Dan as a friend she can’t seem to escape it

(For more on the characters, check this out.)
How closely does the show stick to the book? It covers some of the larger plot  points, but it changes all the details from character appearance (Jenny is supposed to be short with a huge chest, Vanessa is supposed to be bald). In the books Gossip Girl teases her readers about her identity, which is fun but probably wouldn’t translate well to the show as something more than the occasional reference. Ultimately I like the show better because the book is written in whiny teen language, making it painstaking to get through.

Most recently on the show, all but Jenny graduated and are headed to college in different places (who thinks they will eventually all end up together, as is all too common of tv show–remember Saved By The Bell?)

So what do we have in store:

Jenny’s struggle to maintain either her role as the top girl or the way power corrupts her. Let’s face it, watching her reform things so everyone is nice would be so uninteresting. How fun would a coup be? Or sabotage?

Georgina. I think that says it all. (Sadly though, she won’t be around for long, as is clear by the fact that Michelle Trachtenberg has her own show coming up. Sad, since this is the first time I was truly impressed with her as an actress.)

Hilary Duff adding to the mix. I’m not much of a fan of Hilary Duff, but all people added to the show bring turmoil, so look for some crazy times ahead.

Serena finds her dad. I’m sure he will be a disappointment of some sort.

Bart Bass is really alive. Here’s why I believe that: Tv is a visual medium. Everything we see is important, as is everything we don’t see. So unless the actual actor dies (like with 8 Simple Rules’s John Ritter), it is rare that a character who dies offscreen (and whose body we never see) won’t be coming back. (Think 24 where even when the character dies onscreen they aren’t always dead and the characters who die offscreen are never dead.) I don’t think this storyline will come up anytime soon but I bet they’re keeping it safe for the day that they need something shocking to happen.

And don’t forget Rufus and Lily’s son who has somehow found out about his adoption and has found Dan at college.

I can’t wait for an all new season! On this show anything can happen.

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2 Responses to “Gossip Girl”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Vanessa is bald in the books? Creepy.

    Also, I think Nate is more the guy who feels trapped in his wealth/Vanderbilt genes. That’s how he’s introduced in the pilot (and if you read the script, his character is portrayed absolutely phenomenally).

  2. Malaika Says:

    woah, wait, and what?!?! GG is continuing? i thought it was over with what with them all going off to college. the books were all high school drama. i’m not sure if i’ll watch, i’ll get reports from you, then decide. liked the original cast and the fact that hilary duff is joining the cast doesn’t impress me much.

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