Cake Boss 2

While trying to decide what to watch tonight, I found a couple more episodes of Cake Boss on the TLC network and decided to give it a second shot. In these episodes, they were tasked with creating a cake for the museum of natural history, a cake for a sweet sixteen, a cake for a ballet recital, a wedding cake with live doves, and a pastry platter for a pregnant woman.

I’m not sure what it was about these episodes relative to the other two that I watched, but this time around I found myself enjoying the show much more. The sweet sixteen cake, while obviously cool looking, seemed relatively simple to the other cakes I had seen so far, but what wasn’t simple was recreating the cake in a few hours after the first cake was dropped down the stairs! (The thing that confuses me here is that they had an elevator thing to lower the cakes so why didn’t they use that?) With the entire bakery pulling together, they managed to recreate the $3,000 cake.

Museum Cake

Museum Cake

The cake for the museum of natural history was just ridiculous. The size and detail involved (400 lbs!) was unbelievable. The museum was having an opening for a new discovery: the largest mammal ever to live and they wanted him to create a cake to look like the mammal. Sure enough, they made a miniature, cake model that looked just like the display. There was a moment of concern as they carried the cake to the opening (would they drop another one? especially one so heavy?) but all was well. That cake cost $8,000.

The ballet cake was a pretty simple cake made for Buddy’s niece. What was exciting about the cake was actually that it was Franky’s first time ever designing a cake himself and he did a good job despite the pressure.

The pastry platter didn’t interest me too much since they were just standard bakery goods without any fancy design, but it was a nice surprise for the expecting mother.

Finally, the wedding cake with the doves. Despite initial difficulties finding doves (this includes attempts to catch the at the park and accidentally getting ducks from a pet shop), they eventually found two live doves and incorporated them into the cake by having a cage sitting between two of the layers. At the wedding, the couple would release the doves, just like at old fashion weddings. The five foot cake was a hit.

I still wonder if the cakes actually taste good (since we never really see people eat or comment on them), but the show has grown on me. I don’t feel the need to keep up to date, but it is certainly cool to see some of the things they create.

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